Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Vivek Tiwari

Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho Analytical Therapist, Master in English Literature, Bachelor in Science and Holistic Healer

I have a mission to transform the life of over ten thousands persons and their family by identifying the gaps in traits and behaviour and reforming them by Grapho-Therapy. So that they transform their life and create a great impact on other people around them. It will result in to happier and healther world around us.

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I thank my Handwriting Analyst, Vivek Tiwari Sir for the perfect analysis of my life through my Hand Writing. It is cent percent correct. I immensely thank him for making me join The First Step and make me feel cared. It makes a lot of difference in my life. I wish Vivek Tiwari Sir Best of Luck for his hard work and True Recognition in his future endeavor. My grading to him is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5.

Ms Neela Harmalkar, Goa

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Vivek Tiwari Sir, you are an instrumental in changing how people go about creating value from meetings. You help shift from the method and encourage tho follow the way of thinking positive and focus on the purpose. Also you told me about my character after analysing my handwriting is 100% happening and happened in my life, and I’m thanking you for the guidance given to me for changing my character and life. Thanks very very much sir. With regards

Peeyush P, Goa

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Vivek Tiwari Sir, Hats off to you for your exemplary patience while explaining in detail of even smaller things. No sign of iota of irritation or indifference at all!! And equally good while sharing your vulnerabilities. Today’s session was an eye opener indeed in terms of opening up ourselves wholeheartedly… and Acknowledging and validating the efforts of others …the best part is your unique style of teaching with appropriate examples and pretty simple but convincing use of words…Sir, simply amazing. Thanks a million 🙏🙏

Arun Kumar Mishra, Goa

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Hi. My Name Is Vivek Tiwari.

Hello, I am Vivek Tiwari. I am a Professional Handwriting Analyst, a Holistic Healer and Yoga Practitioner. I feel blessed that the divine motivation led me to learn about the amazing science of Hand Writing Analysis. I have already begun my transformation and I am determined to transform the life of thousands of people around me to enable them to realize and discover their Latent Unlimited Potential which enables them in achieving unbelievable Goals.

I am a passionate Yoga and Holistic healing practitioner. I firmly believe that my intense desire to transform myself and major diaspora of society will, one day, create the new group of Highly Confident, Physically and Mentally Robust persons who will usher the new era of transformed life where big dreams are realized effortlessly.

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