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“HEAL THROUGH HANDWRITING” Majority Of Us Are Unaware That Grapho-Therapy Is A Proven Method For Improving Personality And Treating Lifestyle Diseases Including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, And Mental Health Difficulties. I’m On A Mission To Support 10,000 People In The Next Five Years To Use The Power Of The Pen To Enhance Their Health And Personalities.

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“It Was A Great Experience With You, And I Am Happy And Satisfied With The Analysis You Provided Based On My Writing Pattern. I Must Say That The Accuracy Level Is 90%+. I Am Looking Forward To Improving My Personality Through My Handwriting.”

Abhishek Sharma, Noida

Financial Specialist Analyst

“I Felt Amazed When You Revealed My Personality Trait Through My Handwriting. It Was Almost 95% True For Me. I Have Been Practicing The 30-Day Grapho-Therapy Book For 15 Days And Am Feeling Relaxed, Calm, And Open To Listening More. This Is A Great Achievement For Me. Thanks A Lot.”

Mrs. Sanju Jain, Gurgaon

Home Engineer

“I Had An Amazing Experience With Your Services, And I’m Truly Happy And Satisfied With The Detailed Analysis You Gave Based On My Handwriting. You Were Incredibly Accurate, Exceeding 90% Accuracy Effortlessly. I Am Excited About The Journey Of Self-Improvement Ahead, Using The Power Of My Handwriting. Your Expertise Has Given Me A Fresh Sense Of Hope And Motivation To Enhance My Personality Through This Incredible Tool. Thank You For Unlocking The Doors To Personal Growth And Self-Discovery.”

Shubhangi Jain, Gurgaon

Mba Student

Hi. My Name Is Vipul Jain .

“Being A Person Who Is Always Open To New Learning And Upgrading Self-Knowledge And Taking Action To Implement It”

I Started My Journey Of Handwriting Analysis With The First Step Programme By Imran Sir On April 14, 2023. I Also Started Writing My First Step-By-Step Grapho-Therapy Book On That Day Itself. My Interest In Handwriting Rose When I Discovered My Personality In My Handwriting Was 100% In Line With Who I Am. My Major Areas Of Improvement, Which My Handwriting Revealed, Were “Irritation”, “Temper,” And Low Self-Esteem, Which Matched The Current Challenges In My Corporate Professional And Personal Lives.

My Confidence In Handwriting As A Scientific Way To Improve Our Personality Traits Became Stronger When I Started Noticing Changes In Myself Within 2 Weeks Of Dedicatedly Practicing Handwriting One Page A Day. This Handwriting Practice Improved My Temper And Irritation Levels. Not Only These 2 Traits But Also My Energy Level Throughout The Day Was Excellent. I Also Started Talking To People More Confidently, And I Also Started Loving Myself, Which Was An Amazing Experience For Me. People Around Me Also Started Noticing The Change In Me. My Team At My Workplace Commented, “Sir, One Thing We Want To Learn From You Is How You Keep Your Energy Level Very High All Day Long, Specifically In The Morning When You Wish Good Morning To All Of Us. We Look Forward To Your Good Morning Wishes Daily.” It Was Really The Best Comment Of My Life. I Already Upgraded My Journey, Which Started With The First Step To A Professional Approach To Health And Handwriting.

After Achieving The Desired Changes In Myself, I Now Want To Spread This Beautiful Science To Other People Around Me. I Want To Empower People To Take Charge Of Themselves And Improve Their Personality And Health Through Practicing Handwriting.

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