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Vijaykrishna R

IT Product Manager, BE (EEE), PGDM (Systems)

I Am On A Mission To Create Awareness Amongst 1 Million Students And Their Parents Across The World, About The Power And Importance Of Handwriting & Provide Support To Them By Analyzing And Giving Them Graph Therapy So As To Enable To Transition Them To Develop Into A Better Version Of Themselves And Enjoy Life To The Fullest 🙂

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I Understood That Every Attention To Detail Is Critical In Hand Writing And Small Changes Can Bring The Desired Changes In My Personality. I Am Ready To Become A Better Evolved Person After Practicing Grapho Therapy.

Handwriting Speaks Lots About Us Like Emotions, Thinking Pattern And How One Relates With Other People, Strength, Area Of Improvement. I Am Interested In Graphotherapy.

I See That How My Mind Is Working And Become A Better Person Practicising Graphotherapy.

Hi. My Name Is Vijaykrishna R .

I Am An IT Professional Who Is Ardent About Handwriting Analysis, Since This Fascinating World Deals With The Amazing Potential Of The Human Personality.

Handwriting Analysis Is A Science Used For Our Own Growth And Betterment, Which Is An Authentic Indicator Of Human Behaviors, Cognitions, And Emotional Thinking Patterns. It Boosts Learning, Sparks Creativity By Sharpening One’s Brain And Improves The Problem-Solving Skills. This Stroked Me A Bulb-On Moment To Create Awareness To Students And Parents About This Powerful Science And Support Them Physically, Mentally And Emotionally To Become Better Version.

I Learnt A Lot About My Traits And It Helped To Connect With People Better And Contribute To Their Lives By Giving Them Graphotherapy. I Had Experienced High Self-Esteem Personally, Hence It Is Evident That By Small Changes In The Handwriting One Can Bring The Desired Changes In His Personality.

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