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Vijayalakshmi Ramatchandirane

Lifeskill Therapist

Bring harmony in self and globally through Grapho-therapy, especially with elders, and specially-abled people through a self-sustained geographically supported model.

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Very appreciative of the analysis done which is matching with me. This is beyond words matching.

Dr Gomathi, Dharmapuri


Very thrilled to hear such details from handwriting. Much of the information are told in the past as behviour but reading through handwriting analysis, I couldn’t disagree.

Kangayen R, Pondicherry

Govt Employee

Appreciative of the effort and the dimensions analyzed. Agreed for many areas and like to know more about next steps.

BR Kumar, Chennai


Hi. My Name Is Vijayalakshmi Ramatchandirane .

I’m a professional woman with a loving family and friends circle. I have been learning life skills to build better relationships with myself and others. After I got introduced to Graphology and have been going through grapho-therapy, I can relate to the transformation it is bringing in me.

It is like meditation and one has to experience most often than mere learning. Every day writing has become a new habit and writing in a proper way reminds me of the person I’m going to be transformed.

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