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Vijaya Parvathareddy

MBA (Marketing)

As A Handwriting Analyst And A Grapho Analytical Therapist, I Stand To Transform 1 Million People Through Graphology. I Will Support Youth To Reach Their Highest Potential By Identifying Their Strengths And Direct Them To Choose A Path Of Success. To Coach Young Adults Where They Will Grow To Create A Future Of Joy And Excellence.

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Hi Vijaya, Your Analysis Of My Hand Writing Is So Accurate That I Hated Myself Admitting The Points You Have Brought Out. Honestly, I Have Never Thought That The Graphology Would Be So Accurate And So Pin-Pointing. You Have Certainly Made Me Respect The Graphology From Now On. I Wish You All The Very Best. Regards,

Chandra, Hyderabad

Director In An IT Company

My Handwriting Was Analyzed By Vijaya Ji, I Was Awestruck When I Started To Receive The Personality Traits. I Was So Much Able To Resonate With The Trait. Most Of The Trait Were Reflecting The Way I Am And Able To Resonate With It. I Got To Know My Areas Of Improvements I Should Work Upon. I Got To Know My Strengths Which I Was Unaware Of. It Was A Beautiful Conversation I Had. The Analysis Was Almost 99% Accurate. Thank You For Analyzing My Handwriting 🙂 –

Manjunath Nadagoud, Bangalore

It Professional

I Have Always Wanted To Have My Handwriting Analyzed And The Analysis You Provided Me With Has Contained Results That Reflective My Traits/Characteristics That I Possess; But Never In My Dreams Could I Have Imagined The Specific Accuracy Of Things That I Didn’t Even Think Could Be Gathered From A Handwriting Sample. And It Was An Amazing Experience For Me. Thank You For Your Analysis –

Deviprasad, Bangalore

Student (BBA)

Hi. My Name Is Vijaya Parvathareddy

My Life Has Changed From The Time I Started Learning Graphology. Our Handwriting Is An Extended Personality Of Ourselves. We Can Identify The Strengths And Use Them To Achieve Our Goals.

People Are Amazed To Know Their Own Strengths And Areas Of Improvement Through Handwriting Analysis. Also They Now Have A Way To Understand Why They Are The Way They Are. The Changes Reflected Through A Few Days Of Grapho-Therapy Is Profound.

The Swift In My Personality And Level Of Clarity Cannot Be Defined In Words. Welcome To The Amazing World Of Graphology.

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