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Vibhushri Verma

MA (Public Administration), MBA (HR)

I Am On A Mission To Utilize My Handwriting Skills To Motivate And Empower Hundred Thousand Beautiful Souls Around The World And Add Value In Their Lives.

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Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart For Your Astounding Accuracy In Handwriting Analysis. And Your Reading Was Extremely Genuine. I’ve Heard Of Handwriting Analysis But Have Never Personally Experienced It. The Analysis Of My Handwriting And Signature Accurately And Exhaustively Characterizes Of My Personality. Your Recommendation Of Therapy To Improve My Handwriting Helps To Improve My Personality Is Noted, And I Look Forward To Beginning It Shortly Under Your Direction.

Venkat Krishnan, Dubai


It Was A Surprising And Interesting Analysis Experience. Thank You For Doing It For Me.. I Am Amazed To Know Certain Traits That Only I Knew But You Analyzed Through My Writing Which Was Great. But Few Points About Me Were Not Exactly Same Or Accurate. There Were Certain Traits And Characteristics Which Didn’t Match My Personality. Still It Was A Good Analysis. According To Me, It Was 60% Correct. I Would Suggest Others To Experience This And Give It A Try.

Evita Seth, Dubai

Home Engineer

Analysis Done By You Has Covered Most About My Personality , My Ability Of Thinking , My Reaction On Different Situations And My Decision Making Skills .. There Are 5 Statements Mentioned About Me Which I Found Them To Be 100% Correct , I Was Able To Relate What You Have Said With The Situations I Have Gone Through In My Past.. Eg. 1. Like Being Alone, Its Not Always The Case But Whenever There Is A Time When People Say They Need To Step Out And I M Left Alone At Home/Workplace I Do Enjoy It For Certain Period. 2. Does Not Like Taking Instructions From Others- Thats True , And Its Just That I Feel Comfortable Doing Things My Way. 3. Being Judgmental About Strangers Specially When They Act Sweet/Extra Nice. 4. I Get Bored With Things Easily, I Like Variety Of Events To Happen. Same Place, Routine, Things Make Me Anxious About My Existence. 5. Others Opinion Doesn’t Manipulate Me That Easily, As I Do Tend To Build A Strong Image In My Mind About The Person/Things, I Just Stick To That Unless I Figure The Other Things Out Myself. So 10/10 To You For These 5 Points .. 😋 There Are Also Couple Of Things Which I Found It To Be Nearly True But Not The Exact Same Experience I Have Had.. Like I Do Take Note Of Incidents When Someone Have Done/Said Something Wrong Or Made Me Feel Terrible.. But I Never Exploded Or Expressed Anger Which I Really Felt. I Do Carry Those Things In Mind But There Is Something Which Holds Me And Does Not Let Me Express It In Front Of That Person .. Overall I Found It To Be Nearly 80-85% Accurate … Job Well Done ❤️

Priyanka Srivastava, Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Vibhushri Verma .

I Am Vibhushri Verma, Professional Handwriting Analyst. I Am A Home Engineer. I Started My Journey As Handwriting Analyst Just 3 Months Before. I Entered Into This Field Out Of Curiosity And Interest Which In Turn Has Empowered Me In Numerous Ways. I Foresee The Opportunity To Bring Positivity, Empower People And Create Magic In People’s Life.

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