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Veena Adiga

Certified Handwriting Analyst, Grapho-Analytical Therapist, Master In Reiki Healing

I Am On A Mission To Bring Transformation In The Lives Through Handwriting

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I Was Amazingly Surprised With The Output Shared Based On The Analysis Of My Handwriting. It Was Hard To Believe That Handwriting Can Determine A Person’s Traits So Accurately. I Will Work On The Feedback And Will Surely Try To Deploy The Requested Changes In My Life. Really Appreciate The Fact That I Got An Opportunity To Be A Part Of This Analysis.

Krishna Das Prabhu, Bengaluru

The Information You Have Given About My Writing Suits My Personality Perfectly. I Was Very Happy With What You Said As It Was Very Adequate And Precise. Thank You Very Much For Giving Me This Information

Praveen K, Bengaluru


Wonderful And Accurate Analysis Of My Handwriting. Most Of The Aspects Mentioned Were True. I Will Change My Behavior And Make Myself Better. This Is Really A Good Attempt And Fascinating Experience.

Vanishree Hebbar, Kundapura


Hi. My Name Is Veena Adiga

By Changing Few Strokes In My Handwriting, A Lot Of Positive Changes Happened In My Own Personality. In All The Areas Of Life, Simultaneously The Transformation Is Happening. It’s Possible For Me Now To Create The Basic Sketch Of My Living, The Clear Direction I Am Getting As To Where To Keep My Next Step Forward.

This Is What Inspiring Me To Make This Scientific Research Based Technique To Reach Thousands Of People.

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