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Varsha Rajput

Certified Handwriting Analyst And Healer

I Am On A Mission To Impact 1 Lakhs Children Through Handwriting Giving Them Positive Mindset For A Better Future.

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I Had A Wonderful And Spooky Experience As I Had Never Heard About This Type Of Analysis This Was A Great One I Know You For A Very Lill Time And You Told Me My Life Story Which Included Everything I Was Excited As Well As Spooked Because Its Strange To Know Such Things From Handwriting 🙏thank You ,So Much Varsha For Your Help In Making Me Realise Small Details About Myself 👌

Sonam Kapoor, Delhi

Home Engineer

Hello Varsha .. Thank You So Much For Reading ,,Handwriting Analysis,, It’s So Interesting Experience With You.. You Explain Everything Every Part Very Well,, About My Health,,, My Thinking (You Explain Everything About Me,, What I Think,, What I React,, When I Anger),,… Which Area I Need To Improve Myself Even You Tell Also This.. Thank You Thank You Thank You So Much Varsha It’s Such A Beautiful Experience With You❣️😊..

Divya, Delhi


Thank You Varsha. I Couldn’t Understand That Even Handwriting Can Have So Much Impact On Once Life Nd Getting My Handwriting Analysis Through You Give Me A Insight On Which Areas I Should Be Focusing On Nd I Would Recommend To My Friends Nd Family To Get Get Handwriting Analysis Through You For There Betterment. Thank You So Much For Your Valuable Contribution In My Life.

Mayank Agarwal, Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Varsha Rajput .

Being A Teacher Pen Was Always My Companion But Never In My Dream I Could Understand The Power Of Handwriting And Its Impact On My Health, Relationship, Career And Money, So Just By Using A Simple Tool I.E. Pen Can Have So Much Influence That Is What I Want To Contribute To The Children.

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