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Vandana Patel

Professional Handwriting Analysis

I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst With A Passion For Helping People Transform Their Lives. I Am Committed To Using My Knowledge And Skills To Help People Discover Themselves And Reach Their Full Potential Through Grapho-Therapy.

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I Was Skeptical At First As I Was Not Sure How The Analysis Of My Handwriting Would Show Traits Of My Personality Until Vandana Explained Certain Areas Of Improvement From My Analysis, With Her Analysis, I Was Intrigued To Study Graphology Myself. She Also Explained How I Could Improve Relationships Just By Changing My Handwriting. My Sons Have Had Their Handwriting Analyzed As Well And I Think Every Parent Should Have This Done On A Regular Basis As This Can Be A Guide To Monitor And Assist Our Children Improve On Their Areas Of Development. I Am Eager To Do Another Analysis Soon And Would Recommend Others To Do The Same As This Has Been A Real Eye-Opener.

I Yodhin. Has Recently Gotten My Handwriting Assignment Analysis Done With Mrs .Vandana The Entire Process Made Me Realize Where I Need To Improve My Approach And Effort Towards Better Work Ethic And Behaviour In Life .I Highly Recommend This To Anyone Who Wants To Grow And Achieve What They Want In Life Regards

Yodhin Johannesburg


Thank You For Your Analysis Vandana Patel There Is Lots Of Information That You Have Given Me Some Positive And Some Negative Feedback, I Will Definitely Work On It, I Am Grateful For This, The Information Was Spot On. Many Thanks

Genny Nick Johannesburg

Sales And Administration

Hi. My Name Is Vandana Patel.

Vandana Patel A Professional Handwriting Analysis. I Have Witnessed Firsthand The Power Of Grapho-Therapy To Turn Fears And Weaknesses Into Strengths And Unleash The Full Potential Of The Human Spirit.

My Own Journey Of Transformation Began When I Discovered The Power Of Graphology To Reveal My Hidden Talents And Strengths. I Realized That The Things I Had Always Seen As Weaknesses Were Actually Valuable Assets, And Began To Use Them To My Advantages.
I Am Now Dedicated To Helping Others Achieve The Same Level Of Transformation. I Will Use My Expertise In Graphology To Help People Understand Themselves Better, Identify Their Strengths, Fears And Weaknesses And Develops There Personal Growth.

If You Are Ready To Transform Your Life ,I Invite You To Contact Me For A Handwriting Analysis. I Look Forward To Partnering With You On Your Journey Of Self Discovery And Growth.

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