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Trupti Shah

Life Coach/Grapho-Handwriting Analyst/Tarot-numero Coach/Healer

My Mission Is To Help People To Get Clarity, Courage, And Consistency In Their Life Without Getting Stagnant With The Help Of Handwriting Analysis And Grapho Therapy To Understand Nature, Behavior, Personality, In Their Life. Even With The Help Of Tarot-numero Counseling People Will Transform Their Life And Bring Positive Shift In Their Life.

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I Totally Resonate With The Handwriting Analysis Done By Trupti Shah. What She Has Done Analysis For Me Is 💯% Right. Even She Has Given Guidance About Areas Of Improvement Where I Have To Work Upon And Even Suggest Scientific Signature . I Am Happy And Satisfied.

Tina Sheth, Mumbai

LIC Agent

I Was Aware Of Graphology But I Was Pleasantly Surprised By How Accurately Trupti Shah Revealed The Facts About My Personality She Was Very Apt And To The Point While Explaining Me Everything. I Was Explained How My Cumulative Thinking Pattern Helps Me As Well As How It Back Fires, What I Liked Mostly Was The Solution Given To Me Regarding The Problem Areas. I Would Recommend This To Everyone Especially People Who Are In Search For Their Personality. Accuracy 95% .

Nisha Shah, Mumbai


I Felt Trupti Shah Was 100% Accurate In My Handwriting Analysis. She Was Connect With My Personality And Attitude. The Statements Reguarding Being Lonely, Less Confident And Blunt. Trupti Was Right About My Feeling And Emotions With My Anger I Bottle My Anger Than Release It.

Aupama Purohit, Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Trupti Shah

I Am Trupti Shah From Mumbai. I Have Professional Experience Of 35 Years In Beauty And Hair Industry Working As Makeup Artist And Hairdresser. In 2023 I Embark On Transformative Journey Into The Realm Of Occult Science And Emerged As Certified Life Coach.

My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst Was Quite Interesting. Grapho Therapy And Handwriting Analysis Helped Me Analyze My Personality And Understand Myself Better. I Have Work On Myself And Transform Myself Within. Through Self Awareness You Can Help Yourself And Others. So Now I Am Professionally Working As Handwriting Analyst And Graphologist.

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