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Tanmay Khan


I Am On A Mission To Enlighten The Path Of Opportunities & Freedom Of The Life To Millions Of People To Create A Happy World With Full Of Possibilities With The Power Of Pen.

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I Could Not Believe At First How Hand Writing Could Depict The Traits Of The Human Being. The Analysis Is 100% True In Best Of My Knowledge. I Am Amazed By The Accuracy.

Apurba Let, Howrah

Healthcare Professionals

It Is Amazing To Know Details About Me With The Help Of Handwriting Analysis. All The Analysis About Me Is 100% Correct.

Pritha Hudati, Vidyanagar


I Was Amazed When I Discovered My Passion For Singing Is Also Reflecting In My Writing. This Is So Amazing.

Tapan Kumar Mondal, South 24 Parganas


Hi. My Name Is Tanmay Khan .

As A Doctor, I Always Find It Is Difficult For People To Have Good Quality Of Life With Changing Their Subconscious Programs Or Beliefs. A Healthy Body Can’t Exist Without A Healthy Mind.

In My Journey Of Handwriting Analyst, I Have Found To Have Many Of Such Negative Traits Which Was Blocking My Frequency To Upgrade Myself To A Better Human Being. Now, I Have Realised The True Potential Of The Writing And I Know This Is Just A Perfect Gift To Give To The People Who Has Lost Their Hopes.

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