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Swapnil Nigam

HR And Security Strategist, Risk Management

My Mission As Handwriting Analyst Is ‘To Connect, Inspire And Transform Lives Through Handwriting.’ I Am Committed To Educate And Encourage People To Write On A Daily Basis And Use Handwriting As A Tool To Positively Alter Their Personality…

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“Hi Swapnil, It’s Great To Know My Handwriting Analysis From You. Though It’s The First Time And A New Concept, You Have Created Interest In Me. The Analysis That You Gave On My Personality Behaviour And My Reactions To Various Situations Were Very Apt And I Was Able To Really Recollect The Various Situations That Occurred In My Life When You Were Describing About My Behavioural Pattern Based On My Handwriting. Also Your Suggestions On How I Can Improve Some Qualities In My Life To Move Further In A Confident Manner Will Help Me In The Long Run. Thank You For Taking Your Valuable Time For Such A Detailed Analysis.”

Dr Pavan Kumar Singaraju, Bangalore

Homeopathic Doctor

“The Session Was Quite Informative As Had Never Put Myself To Such Out Of The Box Therapy. The Analysis Brought Out Some Behavioural Traits Like Relations With 100% Accuracy. The Revelations Made Are Perfectly Apt And Relatable. I Would Definitely Cherish To Work On Some Personality Traits As Guided By You. However, Would Like To Go For More Elaborative Discussions On This For Further Improvement.”

Kuldip Sandhu, Amritsar


“Hi Buddy No Doubt I Just Took It As A Fun Initially But When U Described Each And Every Detail After Analysing My Handwriting Then I Must Admit That Reality Was There In Every Explanation Which U Delivered Personally. Thanks To Let Me Know More About Me And The Way U Have Told Regarding The Amendments, Definitely I Would Like To Implement All These Rectifications In My Behaviour And Day To Day Life. Look, Somewhere We Are Not The Good Judge Of Ourselves But When Someone Truly Explains These To Us Then Definitely Things Start Getting Into Some Shape And I Am Really Thankful That U Took Such An Initiative For A Good Cause. Keep It Up Bro👍🏻”

Narindar Kumar, Jamnagar


Hiiiii I Am Swapnil Nigam And I Am An Air Force Veteran.

The Journey From Practicing To Write Correctly To Becoming A Handwriting Analyst Has Been Amazing. It Has Brought Tremendous Change In My Overall Personality And My Approach Towards Life Has Changed.

I Took On This Journey To Educate And Transform Myself First And Having Done That, I Am Committed To Educate And Inspire People To Use Handwriting To Transform Their Lives.

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