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Sunita Bharihoke

Professional Handwriting Analyst

My Mission Is To Make 1000 People Aware Of The Significance Of Handwriting And Help Them Use It To Take Charge Of Their Lives, Achieve Goals And Shape Their Future

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

It Was Truly A Wonderful Experience. It Felt Like You Had Known Me Forever And Knew All Traits Of Mine So Accurately. It Was Like A Mirror Showing Me The Key Points In My Personality That I Need To Cherish As Well As Those That I Need To Work On. I Surely Intend To Incorporate The Changes You’ve Told Me In My Handwriting And See How That Shapes My Personality. Thank You, Ma’am 🙂

Tanvi Jain, New Delhi


Hi Ma’am, From My Experience, I Need To Tell You That It Is Unbelievable. Whatever You Have Told Me About My Traits, It Is Perfect. I Am Having All These Traits. The Weakness/ Negative Part You Have Told Me Is What I Am Also Feeling And Facing For A Long And I Was Not Getting That Push To Correct It But After Consulting With You It Makes Me Feel I Need To Improve In Those Areas. I Am Looking Forward To Improve In Those Areas And I Am Glad Universe Has Connected Me With You!

Pooja Dua, New Delhi


My Reading Was 100% Accurate. A Lot Of Things About My Way Of Thinking, My Way Of Being Were Very Accurately Identified. I Was Also Told About Which Letter Formations I Could Alter To Get Better Results For Myself In Areas Where I Believe I Am Stuck. I Am Very Keen To Explore And Looking Forward To The Change And Growth.

Neha Sahai, New Delhi


Hello Everyone I Am Sunita Bharihoke.

I Am Sunita Bharihoke,64 Years Young, Who Retired After Teaching At The Institute Of
Hotel Management For About 37 Years. I Started My Journey Just With The Curiosity
To Learn Something New Which Would Add To My Repertoire Of Courses And
Learning That I Take Up Constantly To Upgrade Myself . Little Did I Know Then That It
Would Require So Much Commitment And Hard Work. But Our Mentor Imran
Made The Whole Exercise Of Learning So Interesting And Full Of Insights That It Was
Difficult To Not Give Your Complete Attention To It. I Didnt Even Realize When
How Did He Manage To Make It So Addictive And Compelling Us To Ask For More.
The Program Has Made Me Self Confident, Focused And Given Clarity Of Thought In
Various Aspects Of My Life. I Have Been Enthralled By The Program S Fast Speed Of
Change It Can Bring To People S Lives And That Is The Reason Of My Mission.

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