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Sundeep Handa

Founder & Owner - Handa’s Consultancy Services (HCS), Professional Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Therapist, Coach, Healer, Lead Auditor & Tutor

My Mission Extends Beyond Interpretation. I Am Driven To Inspire Lasting Self Improvement. Through The Lens Of Script, I Aim To Be A Catalyst For Positive Changes, Guiding 10000 Individuals Towards Unlocking Their Latent Strengths Addressing Challenges, And Fostering A Continuous Journey Of Self Discovery.

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My Experience Of Mr. Sundeep Hand’s Handwriting Analysys Has Been Absolutely Flabbergasting. His Analysis About My Personality Was So Accurate That It Matched 99.8%. Many Things That Were Informed To Me About My Personality Were Some Things That Even I Wasn’t Aware Of But Knew Were True About Me. His Analysis Based Onmy Handwriting Has Been A Total Surprise For Meas To How Accurately Things Were Said About My Personality And Traits. It Was An Amazing Experience And I Am Glad To Have Gotten It Done By Mr. Sundeep Handa.

Bhavya Ambawat, Gurugram

Interior Architect And Artist

Getting My Handwriting Analysed Made Me Aware Of Who I Am More Than I Did Earlier. These Analysis Were On A Scale Of 100% Was 98% Accurate, To My Knowledge, There Were Few Aspects About Me Which Currently Even I Don’t Know I Have, In Respect Of Area Of Improvements But If I Give Few Thoughts On It, I Might Be Much More Acceptable About It. I Had A Really Good Experience By Knowing My Strengths And Weaknesses As A Person Both In Professional As Well As My Personal Life. Thank You For Analysing My Handwriting And Showing Me A Mirror For Me To Get To Know Me Inside Out.

Harshal Handa, Gurugram


My Overall Experience With The Analysis Delivered Was Mind Changing. Surely, Made My Thought Process Changes About Myself, The Accuracy Level Was No Doubt 100%. This Experience Has Surely Inspired Me To Take Change Of Few Things In Mind And Subconsciously Or Consciously Try To Enhance My Strengths More Into Either In My Personal Or My Professional Life. This Experience Has Made Me Realise Few Things About Myself Which I Wouldn’t Have Thought About Myself And Realise Me The Fears That I’ve Endured For A Long Time.

Ilina Handa, Gurugram

Fashion Designer

Hello – I Am Sundeep Handa,

Being A Technical Professional, Having 35+ Years Of Work Experience Including 18+ Years In Management System Certification Business, I Firmly Believe That It Was Destiny Which Made Me Enroll Myself Into The Program Of Grapho – Therapy Under The Guidance Of Our Coach Mr. Imran Baig.

My Journey Has Been Enlightening And In A Very Short Period Of Time, I’ve Experienced Such An Immense Change In Myself Which Can Only Be Felt And Experienced, Not Only Me But My Family Too Acknowledges The Change Of Mindset And Actions Of Mine. The Clients For Whom, I Did Analysis Endorse About A Great Experience They Had And Resonate With My Feedback.

There Used To Be A Question Stuck In My Mind About Who I Am And After Understanding Myself Through Science Of Grapho Therapy, It Crossed My Mind That There Would Be Others Too In This Cosmos Who Might Be Having This Same Question Thus Started With An Intentions Of Making The World Understand Themselves In Such A Perfect Way That Their Laden Of Thoughts About Themselves Could Be Mitigated For Their Betterment.

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