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Sudha Lodd

M.Sc, B.E D

I Am On A Mission To Make 5000 Children Who’s Handwriting Should Be Perfect Which Correlate Handwriting Feature With Personality Traits.Because Graphalogy Is The Study Of Handwriting – A Theory Or Practice For Inferring A Person’s Character, Desposion And Attitude From There Handwriting

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Dear Sudha Madam, I Am Happy To Accept That,Most Of The Points In Your Analysis Match With My Nature Up To 99% And Some Even 100%. Except One Or Two Like My Decision Making Habit May Be Correct Up To 80%, Whereas ‘Sarcasm’ Is Not My Nature Or It May Be 10% When I Am Insulted By Somebody Without Reason.After All I Am A Human Being. Speaking,Writing,Singing And Other Abilities Match 100%. I Wonder How The Strokes Can Read The Traits Of A Person So Accurately. The Most Attractive Point Is,Still There Is Chance To Improve ,Even At This Fag End Of My Life. As Socrates Says, I Am Always And Would Be A Learner Until The Last Breath. Thank You For Providing Me With An Opportunity To Learn At This Stage, With Your Wonderful Suggestions.

Rohini.N.C, Chintamani

Rtd Principal

Dear Sudha Madam, I Dint Knew About This Graphology Before It Sounds Exciting While I Am Getting To Know About This That The Way We Write Describes The Character When U Described Me The Things About Me I’m Surprised That Almost Everything Is Correct It Was Almost 90 Percent Accurate I’m Happy To Know Even More Thanks For The Suggestions Wtever U Gave Me To Make Changes

N.Sai Sucharitha Banglore


Dear Sudha Madam, I Wondered To Hear About This Graphalogy From You. It Is So Exciting To Know Our Characters And Nature By Our Handwriting. So Many Things Are Matching By This Analysis. I Am Happy To Know That There Is A Way To Change Our Negativity Too By Changing The Style Of Our Writing. Thank You For Taking Me To Your Project. With Regards

V.Umagowri, Madanpalle


My Name Is Sudha. Retd Head Mistress , Government High School In Ap

I Used To Concentrate More On Good Handwriting In Rural And Urban School Going Children Which Scores Good Mark’s In The Examinations And Know The Perfect Letters.I Saw A Book On Graphology In Library I Was So Excited To Learn Graphology Which Has Influence On Personality.

3months Back I Got An Opportunity To Join Sree Imran Baig’s Global Penmanship Academy. Handwriting Graphic Symbol Of Our Mind And Helps To Know The Inner, Physical Mental, Emotional State Of Individual

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