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Somi Chaurasia

Professional Handwriting Analyst

My Mission Is To Connect With Millions Of People To Heal, Serve And Contribute To Redirect Their Energy Towards A Balanced Perspective In All Areas Of Life.

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Thanks For Analysing My Handwriting And Giving Me The Insights. I Can Certainly Say You Have Done A Great Job. The Things You Interpreted Are True And You Have Correctly Pointed Out My Personality. Although Over A Particular Interpretation We Share Different Views And It Was Fairly Correct Not 100%. Overall I Can Say You Have Done A Great Job And You Are 90 Percent Correct About My Personality. Hope We Can Collaborate In The Future For More Of This Practice.

Ashwini Singh, Pune

Software Engineer

I Found Your Analysis To Be Quite Accurate. Thank You For Taking The Time To Analyse My Handwriting And Providing Me With Such Insightful Feedback. Nobody Could Imagine That The Analysis Was Done By Any Naive Person. Wish You Good Luck For Your Cid Career.

Shubham Thopate, Pune

It Professional

Great Experience Getting My Handwriting And Signature Analysed By Somi. The Accuracy Was Impressive And Was About 90% Accurate. It Was Very Detailed And Insightful Analysis. This Was Something Amazing To See That Just From Few Sentences She Elucidated My Character Traits. Thanks And More Power To You Girl. Wish You All The Good Luck.

Neha Chaudhary, Pune


Hi. My Name Is Somi Chaurasia.

Handwriting Analysis Helped Me To Inculcate Positive Behaviour And Emotional Aspects Of Life And At The Same Time To Overcome My Fear And Defences. I Want To Contribute In Others Life To Achieve The Same.

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