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Snigdha Nair

Communications Specialist And Handwriting Analyst

My Mission Is To Enhance The Lives Of Working Professionals By Analyzing Their Handwriting, Identifying And Enhancing Their Positive Personality Traits And Providing Holistic Communications-Led Solutions For Overcoming Their Mind Blocks, So That They Can Have An Exceptional Career And A Glorious Life.

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To Begin With, Getting My Handwriting Analyzed By Snigdha Was An Incredible Experience. I Was Not Aware Of How Much Handwriting Can Reveal About A Person. Snigdha Accurately Pinpointed Specific Personality Traits And Tendencies, Which I Used To Think Are Not Easily Discernable. What Struck Me The Most Was Her Ability To Identify Not Only My Strengths But Also The Challenges That I Face, Almost At A Subconscious Level. She Also Offered Constructive Feedback Which I Plan To Incorporate In My Life Going Forward. Moreover, The Experience Was Enlightening And Empowering.

Mouli Bose, Mumbai


The Handwriting Analysis By Snigdha Served As A Stark Reality Check For Me. It Felt As Though I Was Laid Bare, With All My Characteristics And Personalities Exposed. She Accurately Pinpointed Aspects Of Me That Not Many People Are Aware Of. Whether It Was On A Personal, Professional, Or Health Level, Snigdha Managed To Hit The Nail On The Head With Precision. I’m Uncertain If Anyone Else Could Have Conducted This Analysis As Accurately And Thoroughly As She Did. Thank You So Much For Doing This For Me.

Shreyasee Sen, Mumbai

Pr Consultant

I Am Genuinely Impressed With Snigdha’s Insightful Analysis Of My Handwriting And Glad To Have Taken This. She Was More Than 95% Accurate While Sharing Her Analysis And I Was Surprised That For The First Time, Someone Could Not Only Understand Me But Also Precisely Describe Me As A Person. I Truly Believe That Her Attention To Detail In Analyzing Can Help More People Understand Their Strengths, Areas Of Improvement And Traits That Are Often Overlooked, Just The Way It Helped Me.

Maitri Satra, Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Snigdha Nair

By Analyzing My Own Handwriting And That Of My Loved Ones, I Have Realized That The Handwriting Reveals Everything About The Person Without The Person Even Knowing It. Knowing Handwriting Analysis Is A Potent Tool To Change Relationships, Health, Careers, Etc. The Power To Change Our Lives Lies Within Us, And I Wish To Guide Others By Analyzing Their Handwriting So That I Could Steer Them To More Fulfilling Careers, And Lives.

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