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Sneh Kala Tiwari

Professional Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Teach Grapho Therapy To1000 People For Becoming Healthy, Wealthy And Wise.

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I Used To Be In A Dilemma About My Nature. I Would Feel Whether I Am Wrong When I Talk To People Frankly And Bluntly. Mrs. Sneh Kala Made Me Realise Its A Strength To Be Honest, Even In Today’s World. I Agree With All The Aspects Of My Nature She Made Me Realise. Keep Up The Good Work. – 100/100

Virti Shrivastav, Noida

Graphic Designer

Our Experiences And Learnings Help Us Realise What Our Inner Traits Are. And Our Inner Traits Consequently Lead Us To Solve Our Problems By Finding Solutions To Change A Bad Trait Or Putting More Focus Upon Our Strengths. At A Young Age Of 24, It Is A Bit Difficult For Me To Realise My True Self And Where My Happiness Really Lies. But Mrs. Sneh Kala Has Made It Somewhat Easier With The Analysis She Shared Of My Handwriting. Most Of What She Shared Is True In My Opinion And Has Provided Me With A Base To Work Upon My Strengths And Weaknesses. Would Really Love To Hear More Of Her Insights Once She Is A Qualified Professional! – 95/100

Yashika Shrivastav, Noida

Chartered Accountancy Student

Appreciate The Hardwork Done By Ms. Sneh Kala Tiwari To Provide Me The Analysis Of My Handwriting. It Has Helped Me To Identify My Strengths And Weaknesses Very Clearly. Now I Can Focus Myself Very Easily On The Areas I Really Want To. It Has Also Helped Me In Improving My Relationship With Immediate And Extended Family And Also Professionally. So, Many Thanks To Her For Everything.

Poonam Tiwari, Noida

Software Engineer

I M Sneh Kala Tiwari, Retired From Govt Service.

As A Handwriting Analyst I Am Comiitted To Support People In Becoming Healthy, Wealthy (Generate Passive Income For Themselves) And Wise.

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