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Sirisha Gudla


My Mission Is To Create Awareness Of Graphotherapy For One Million People By Making Everyone Aware Of Their Personalities By Identifying Their Strengths And Overcoming Their Fear To Lead A Stress-Free Life.

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Meeting Sirisha Gudla Was Super Cool. She Read My Handwriting And Helped Me Understand Why I Was Having Trouble At Work. It Was Amazing How She Could Tell So Much About Me From Just My Writing! Thanks To Her, I Now Know How To Get Better At My Job. Sirisha’s Handwriting Reading Is Like A Cool Magic Trick, But It’s Real! I Think Everyone Should Try It. Thanks, Sirisha!”

Chaitanya, Visakhapatnam


Sirisha Gudla’s Handwriting Analysis Service Was An Unexpected Beacon In My Life. As A Working Woman Grappling With Relationship Issues, Her Expertise Shed Light On Hidden Facets Of My Behavior That Were Unknowingly Affecting My Familial Bonds. Her Analysis Was Not Only Eye-Opening, But Also Empowering, Offering Me A Fresh Perspective On My Interpersonal Dynamics. Sirisha, Your Insightful Service Has Given Me The Clarity I Needed. A Sincere Thanks For Your Help And I Highly Recommend Your Services To Others.

Aparna, Visakhapatnam


Sirisha Garu You Are Awesome And The Way You Analysed My Handwriting Is Outstanding. You Told Me Where I Need To Improve And My Behaviour Was Completely Matching To Your Analysis. No Words To Say About Science. Thank You So Much.

Dr. Sravani, Jamnagar


Hi. My Name Is Sirisha Gudla .

Hello, I’m A Dedicated Home Engineer Whose Life Is Colored By The Beautiful Chaos Of Family Life. Living Amidst Myriad Handwriting Styles, I Realized The Unique Stories Each Script Holds.

Thus, I’m Now Learning Handwriting Analysis, To Help People Unveil Their Hidden Facets. My Goal Is To Offer This Service To The World, Uniting My Love For Human Psychology With The Intricate Art Of Handwriting.

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Let’s Get Connected To Understand How Your Handwriting Is A Gateway To Your World Inside Of You.

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Let’s Get Connected To Understand How Your Handwriting Is A Gateway To Your World Inside Of You.

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