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Siddharth Bansal

M.Sc.(Yoga & Preksha Meditation ), M.A.(Yoga Edu.), UGC Net Qualified, NDDY, Ist Dan Black Belt(Karate) , Registered Yoga Teacher With Yoga Alliance USA.

My Mission Is To Help 1 Lakh Individuals Gain Deeper Insights Into Their Personality, Thinking Pattern, Their Fears And Strengths And Become A Better Version Of Themselves In All Areas Of Life With The Help Of Graphotherapy.

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I Am Truly Amazed By My Handwriting Analysis Done By Siddharth Bansal. It Revealed So Many Insightful Details About My Personality And It Was 95% Accurate. I Highly Recommend Siddharth Bansal As An Expert Handwriting Analyst And Bless Him For The Work Is Doing To Help People.

Nirmala Bansal, Udaipur

Retired Teacher

Previously I Didn’t Know Anything About Handwriting Analysis, I Had No Idea That Our Handwriting Can Say So Much About Our Personality, I Was Amazed After My Handwriting Analysis As What Siddharth Analysed Was More Than 90% Correct About Me And It Told So Many Things Which Even I Never Noticed About Myself, I Came To Know About My Fears And Strength, And It Is So Amazing That I Have The Opportunity To Improve My Personality Through Graphotherapy And I Am Now Committed For My Own Personal Growth, Thank You Siddharth So Much For Giving Me Guidance About My Life.

Siddharth Sir, Is Already My Favourite Guru, Guru Is A Person Who Can Give You Right Direction To Your Path And Take Best Out Of You. He Is My Yoga Instructor, Life Mentor But Now, I Know He’s An Excellent Handwriting Analyst Too. I Cannot Express How Blessed I Am. Before I Read And Heard So Many Things About Handwriting Analysis That Can Help You Know About Your Personality. But Siddharth Sir Guided Me Through Interpreting My Handwriting And Certain Letters That Can Help To Convert My Weaknesses Into Strengths. He Analyzed My Signature And Provided Me Valuable Insights That Can Help Me In My Purpose And Mission Of The Life. I Was Amazed With The 100% Of Accuracy In His Study. Everything He Evaluated Was Incontrovertible!!! Thank You For Being There! Highly Recommend!

Manasi Laddha, Country Canada

Hi. My Name Is Siddharth Bansal .

I Knew Very Little About Hand Writing Analysis Before I Attended Imran Sir’s Webinar , I Was Totally Amazed To Know That Our Handwriting Can Tell Us Almost Every Thing About Our Life And Above That We Can Change So Many Things In Our Life By Just Practicing Graphotherapy, So I Decided To Learn This Science , And Also At Same Time Work On Myself By Daily Practice Of Graphotherapy I Can See Some Changes In My Personality .

I Feel That I Have Some Super Power Of Handwriting Analysis In My Hand, I Will Surely Go Further In This Journey.

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