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Tarot Reader

When My Handwriting Could Tell Me What I Need To Change To Make The BEST Out Of Myself, Then Why Not Use This Knowledge To Better Other’s Life? And That Is Where I Am Headed To….. I Am Investing This Knowledge To Make A Difference In People’s Life, Who Are Willing To Take That Next Step.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Dear Shylaja, Thank You For Such An Almost Accurate Handwriting Analysis. It Tallies With What I Think I Am As A Person. Some Of The Things You Said Are What I Know About Myself But Unable To Actually Accept. Your Pointing It Out Has Helped Me Accept It And Move Towards Changing Those Things For Better And The Positive Things You Told About Me Left Me With A Really Good Feeling. Thank You! “

Prathibha, Bangalore


“I Have Been Counseled By Shylaja For The Past Few Years With Taro Reading, Which Also Gave Me The Confidence To Explore A Handwriting Analysis Reading By Her. Her Analysis For Me Was Very Specific And Embodied The Essence Of My Personality. Which Also Put Me On The Spot To Accept A Few Traits That I Was Hesitant To Accept For The Longest Time. I Thoroughly Enjoyed Getting My Reading From Shylaja As She Not Only Gives You The Analysis That She Finds But Also Thinks From A Humane Perspective In Her Delivery Of Her Messages. Which I Believe Is Most Important.”

Harshita, New York

IT Professional

Hi Shylaja Though We Know Each Other For The Past Few Months And You Don’t Know Much About Me But I Was Really Surprised When You Did My Handwriting Analysis It Was Bang On. There Are Lot Many Things About My Behaviour, Attitude And Thinking Patterns Which Even My Closed Ones Are Not Aware Of But You Analysed Those. Really Amazing. Thank You ❤️

Being A Working Professional, Turned A Spiritual Being,

Saw The Handwriting Analysis Program On Social Media, I Wanted To Learn This Science And Understand Myself Better And Unlearn Few Things. Practising Grapho-Therapy Just For Some 20mins/Day Helped Me Bring In The Desired Changes. So Then I Thought If I Can Help Myself Then Why Not Help Others, Who Are Willing To Change And Thus The Journey Started. A Heartfelt Gratitude To Mr. Imran Baig For Being My Mentor.

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