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Shubha Sachdeva

M. Com, M.A(Eco), B.Ed, Handwriting Analyst

In The Next 10 Years, My Goal As Handwriting Analysts Is To Make Big Changes In Our Field. I Want To Help People Everywhere By Giving Them Accurate And Easy-To-Understand Handwriting Analyses. My Hope Is That These Analyses Will Help People Learn More About Themselves, Make Positive Changes, And Build Strong Relationships.

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Got To Know About Handwriting Analysis Through One Of My Friend. So, I Approached Shubha And Gave Her Sample Of My Handwriting. With That, She Gave Me Really Good Feedback On My Traits And Personality. Her Analysis Was On Point And She Literally Told Me Some Things Which Only I Knew. Moreover, The Reading Helped Me To Focus On My Negatives Too So That I Can Actually Work On Them To Make Myself Better. I Would Really Suggest Getting Analysis Done Through Your Handwriting.

Mehak Singla, Surrey, Bc, Canada

Working At A Logistics Company

I Got The Contact Of Shubha From A Friend Who Got Their Analysis Done And Highly Recommended It. The Analysis That Was Done Of My Handwriting Was Highly Accurate And A Great Insight To What Just The Handwriting Reveals. It Was An Eye Opener With How Such Accurate Results Were Pointed Out And Mentioned That Amazed Me. I Look Forward To More Insights And How To Turn Some Of The Weaknesses Into Strengths With The Great Insights I Got. I Would Highly Recommend This.

Ramdeep Singh, Delta, Bc, Canada


I’ve Been Writing For The Past 30 Years. However, I Never Delved Into The Nuances Of Writing Traits. Shubha Introduced Me To This Concept And Suggested I Put My Thoughts On Paper To Better Understand Myself Through My Writing. I Was Pleasantly Surprised To Find Her Insights To Be Spot On. While I Was Aware Of Some Of My Strengths, Shubha Shed Light On Aspects I Hadn’t Considered. I’m Genuinely Pleased With Her Analysis And Would Highly Recommend Her. I’m Even Planning To Enroll In Her Classes To Refine My Skills And Address Any Areas That Need Improvement. Thank You!

Shagun Taneja, Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Company Secretary

Hi. My Name Is Shubha Sachdeva .

My Journey Began During A Time When I Felt Overwhelmed By The Negativity Surrounding Me.

Seeking A Path Towards Personal Growth, I Enrolled In The First Step’s 21-Day Graphotherapy Program. Witnessing Positive Changes Within Myself, I Became Inspired To Extend A Helping Hand To Others Who Were Similarly Affected By Negative Energies. This Led Me To Join The Professional Approach Program. I Am Eager To Continue Expanding My Knowledge In This Field, As It Enables Me To Support Not Only Myself, But Also Others On Their Transformative Journeys.

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