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Shruti Sailesh Rao

MA ,MPhil ,BEd,(Economics)

I Am On A Mission To Share The Idea That Take Your Handwriting Seriously As You Can Change For The Best. Give Yourself A Chance And Work Towards Your Goals Not Difficult Just Give Your Handwriting A Chance To Change You. My Commitment Is To Change People Who Are Around Me And Believe What I Am Doing As A Analyst.

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The Session Was Interesting And Informative .The Points Discussed Are Trueand Would Like To Know In More Detail

Vidya Subramaniam,Mumbai


Was New To This Learnt About Myself Never Knew Handwriting Could Give So Much

Nida Khan, Mumbai


Was New To This Science.Loved To Know My Self Through My Handwriting As Wanted A Change Of Personality.Curoous For More.

Devyani Shukla

Admin In School

Hi. My Name Is Shruti Sailesh Rao .

A Few Steps In The World To Help Those Who Feel The Urge To Change. Taking Them With Me Influencing What I Have Learnt In The Step To Change As There Was A Chaos And Instability In Some Areas ..My Mission Is To Help All To Achieve Something Further And Better, Beautiful So That They Learn How Handwriting Can Help To Sort Thinking Pattern, Feeling Better Than What They Were ,Change Them Selves

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