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Shrihari Allamsetty

Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Transform 1 Million People All Over The World By Improving Their Quality Of Life.

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Information Is Accurate And Provides Great Readings On Strengths And Weakness On Individual Self. Thank You For Your Thorough Analysis – Truly Amazing At The Informative Insight You Have Provided.

Sushree Sangita Swain, Hyderabad

Software Engineer

My Experience Overall Was Good And I Can Say That Whatever Feedback I Got (Which I Need To Improve) Is 80-90% Accurate. He Explained Everything With Patience And Has Taken Good Quality Of Time To Explain .I Recommend Everyone To Follow The Therapy To Improve Their Subconscious Mind Through Handwriting;

Deepika Nampally, Hyderabad


I Want To Inform You That I Am Happy With The Personality Analysis Done By Shrihari Through My Handwriting. As A Handwriting Analyst, I Will Give Him 90 Out Of 100.As An Analyst, He Has Highlighted Both Positive And Negative Areas Of My Personality In Which Few Were Not Recognized By Me Till Now.This Will Help Me To Improve In Those Weak Areas.

Anusha Thallam, Hyderabad

Software Engineer

Hi. My Name Is Shrihari Allamsetty .

I Have Seen Lots Of People Going Through Various Challenges In Their Life. Due To These Challenges, They Are Not Able To Create The Desired Success They Want To Create, After Interacting With Various People, It Became Clear To Me That Everyone Knows What To Do, But For Some Strange Reason They Are Not Able To Do It. The Reason Being That Most Of Our Decisions Are Governed By Our Sub-Conscious Mind.

So, When I Was Introduced To This Science Of Handwriting Analysis, I Was Completely Taken Aback. Imaging Changing Your Life Just By Changing How You Write; It Is Just Mind Boggling. I Immediately Decided To Be A Professional Handwriting Analyst And Help People To Be Successful By Changing Their Quality Of Life.

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