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Shreeya Naik

Certificated Energy Healer

I’m On A Mission To Help 100,000 People Discover Their Challenges, Lead Them To Fulfilling Lives, And Support Their Personal Growth Using Ancient Wisdom From Graphology.

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I Had Very Interesting & Amazing Session With Graphologist Shreeya Naik . She Gave Me An Unbiased View About Myself My Characteristics About My Nature, Personality Which Was Very Much Correct. I Was Taken By Surprise When I Heard That Only From My Handwriting She Could Analyze So Many Things About Me. She Was So Much Detailed About Me As A Person. At Starting I Was A Not Sure That My Handwriting Can Give So Many Traits About My Nature. She Also Mentioned That I Was Not In A Good State Of Mind When I Was Writing. It Feels So Good That Those Qualities That I Knew I Was Good At Someone Else Acknowledged It .She Also Pointed Out Where I Can Improvise Make Changes. Thank you Very Much Shreeya Naik For Giving Me Such Such Good Review .

Yogita Lotlikar, Goa


I Am Absolutely Thrilled With The Handwriting Analysis Performed By Shreeya Naik! The Accuracy Was Astonishing, And The Insights Into My Personality, Behavior, And Attitude Were Spot On. My Specialist Expertly Decode My Handwriting, Revealing Details About My Nature, Strengths, And Areas For Improvement. I Was Impressed By The Actionable Advice On How To Make Positive Changes To My Handwriting And, In Turn, My Attitude And Approach To Life. The Analysis Was Not Only Insightful But Also Empowering, Providing Me With A Deeper Understanding Of Myself And The Tools To Make Meaningful Changes. I Am Grateful For This Experience And Would Highly Recommend Shreeya Naik’s Handwriting Analysis Services To Anyone Seeking Self-Awareness And Personal Growth. Thank You For An Exceptional Experience!”

Preeti Shirsat, Dombivli,

Medical Nurse And Lecturer

Yesterday’s Handwriting Analysis Session With Shreeya Was Truly Fascinating. Her Accuracy Rate Was Astonishing, With About 95 To 96% Of The Analysis Aligning Perfectly With My Traits And Personality. Only On A Few Minor Points Did We Differ, But Overall, It Was An Incredibly Insightful And Enjoyable Experience.

Darpan Powale , Thane

HR Head

Hi. My Name Is Shreeya Naik

Welcome To My World Of Handwriting Analysis! I’m Shreeya Shailesh Naik, A Certified Energy Healer And Graphologist, And I’m Thrilled To Share My Journey With You.

My Journey Began With A Quest For Self-Discovery And Personal Growth. As I Delved Into Handwriting Analysis, I Discovered A Powerful Tool That Transformed My Life. Through Grapho-Therapy, I Released Emotional Blockages, Gained Confidence, And Unlocked My Potential. This Transformative Experience Ignited A Passion Within Me To Help Others Embark On Their Own Journey Of Self-Discovery And Empowerment.

As A Handwriting Analyst, I’ve Had The Privilege Of Guiding Individuals From All Walks Of Life, Helping Them Uncover Hidden Strengths, Overcome Challenges, And Develop A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves. My Mission Is To Share This Powerful Tool With The World, Empowering Others To Break Free From Limitations And Unlock Their Full Potential.

Through My Services, I Aim To Create A Supportive And Non-Judgmental Space Where Individuals Can Explore Their Handwriting And Gain Valuable Insights Into Their Personality, Strengths, And Areas For Growth. My Goal Is To Help Others Develop A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves, Cultivate Self-Awareness, And Unlock Their Inner Potential.

Join Me On This Journey Of Self-Discovery And Empowerment, And Let’s Unlock The Secrets Of Handwriting Analysis Together!

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