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Shilpa Shaillesh Shah


Serving People As A Numerologist Since Past Few Years Learning And Upskilling Myself Now Being The Best Handwriting Analyst And A Grapho Therapist Is An Added Feather To My Present Profession Which Will Helped Me To Serve More Than 10,000 Clients In The Next 5 Yes Helping Them To Understand Themselves Better By Identifying Their Strengths, Rewiring Their Sub Conscious Mind Helping Them To Perform Better Only To Their Surprise To What An Unbelievable Successful Person They Can Be.

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I Am Yukti Chheda And I Took The Handwriting Analysis From Shilpa Shah And What All Things She Told Be About My Personality Matched About 97% Accurately And I Have Never Had An Analysis As Good As Hers So I Do Recommend You To Get One As Soon As Possible

Yukti Chheda

Hello, Today Shilpa Analysed My Handwriting. She Told Me The Exact What My Behavior Is. Detail Information About My Personality. According To Me I’ll Give 90 On 100 To Her.

Hi. My Name Is Shilpa Shaillesh Shah

I Am Numerologist Shilpa Shaillesh Shah And Have Been Consulting Clients All Over India .Since A Long Time I Was Wanting To Work On My Thought Process And Wanted To Work On My Subconscious Mind To Align My Mind And Body As I Was Suffering With Lots Of Procrastination And That Was Affecting My Health. I Was Also Trying Hard To Loose My Weight But Nothing Worked Due To Procrastination.

But After Practicing Grapho Therapy Every Morning My Life Has Totally Changed. Now I Wake Up Early Every Morning Write One Page Of Grapho Therapy And Then Exercise Go For A Walk Daily. Also I Am Conscious In My Eating Habits. Learning From A Sir Like Imran Is Really A Blessing From God Thankful To God For Giving Me This Opportunity To Serve People And Helping Them To Grow In All Aspects Of Life.

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