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Shikha Kushwaha

NLP Associate Practitioner, Certified Professional handwriting analyst and Grapho- Analytical Therapist

My mission is to spread this science to 10 lakhs people. specially “youngster and teenager” so they know their strength, change their energy level and be confident in every situation of their life and never feel stuck and underestimate their potential, they come out of depression, anxiety, sad stories and many more life problems and being unstoppable and completely transform their life through Graphotherapy.

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It was an indeed an amazing experience for me. First of all, I thought that how it would be possible for anyone to talk about my ups and downs only by my writing analysis. But now I must say that when you told me the exact things like about my likes & dislikes, my behavior, my weak point, etc. you told 99.5% correct. Thank you for making me sure about my strength and weakness. It was indeed helpful for me. I’ll definitely contact you again for turning my weakness into my strength as you said that I can improve my weak points with your guidance by improving my English alphabets writing pattern. Thank you so much for doing it … wishing you all the best for prosperous future ahead in this. keep it up.

Shruti Verma, Varanasi


It was so amazing writing analysis I didn’t expect that but I totally connected with all points so amazing know I believed in this think thank u for these beautiful and accurate analysis

Romya, Varanasi


This is a completely new science which I was unheard of. And after getting to know it from you through my writing analysis left me wondering how convenient it is to know about someone just through my sample or handwriting. Your analysis left me in shock because of your accurate analysis. Thank you so much for introducing handwriting analysis to me and giving a detailed analysis of my own traits which was going unrecognized

Richa, Varanasi


Hello, I am Shikha Kushwaha

It’s changed my life completely where I used to stand and where I stand today are completely different. It increase my confidence level, communication skill and also help me to reach out every positive aspect of my life. My family and friends saw the positive changes in my personality.

Everyone was amazed to know that our handwriting & signature speak so much about us, so I have decided ” If I can change my life, everyone can change their life ” seeing this transformation in myself, now my mission to change 10 lakhs people life, to unleash their potential and helping to know their strength, defences and relation and many more things, thank you and all the best everyone.

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