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Shashi Banerjee

MSc MEd Phd

I Am On A Mission To Reach Out To 10000 People To Bring Awareness And Make Them Fall In Love With Their Own Handwriting As They Will See By Themselves How Significantly Their Handwriting Impacts The Most Important Parameters Of Their Life : Personality, Behavior And Health

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I Was Indeed Amazed By The Synopsis Given To Me. It Was Almost 100% Correct. I Was Just Too Surprised To Know That How Much The Analysis Could Tell You Even About Your State Of Mind. The Whole Exercise Proved To Be Quite Exciting And Engaging. Thanks To Dr. Banerjee For Such An Insightful Experience Of My Handwriting Analysis.

Urvashi Kakkar

Dear Dr. Shashi Mam, Iam Extremely Thankful To You For Taking Out Time To Analyse My Handwriting So Closely. I Could Never Imagine That Just By Looking At Our Writing Style Or Transcription Pattern One Could Assess Different Aspects Of Our Personality! Your Observations About My Strengths And Weaknesses Are Indeed 100% Correct.

Aryan Gupta

CA Student

I Am Pleased To Give My Feedback Regarding The Analysis Of My Handwriting Done By Shashi Banerjee .On The Basis My Handwriting The Analysis Provided Was Quite Correct. It Was Interesting To Know How Handwriting Can Reveal Various Aspects Of One’s Personality And Traits. My Handwriting Has Changed With Time But So Have I.The Analysis That I Received Was Quite Accurate Like A 9/10. Thanks And All The Best!

Mona Anand, Mohali

School Teacher

Hi. My Name Is Dr Shashi Banerjee .

I Am An Educationist By Profession. Passionate To Make A Difference In The Lives Of People. Yearn To Learn New Is The Motto Of My Life. Leaning Graphology Was A New Subject And Very Interesting. I Applied And Practised This Science Of Handwriting Myself And Bring Positive Changes In My Own Behaviour And Attributes. I Am So Happy And Impressed To See The Results That I Chose To Be A Handwriting Analyst To Help People Become Better, Happy And Healthy Individuals.

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