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Shammi Akhtar, Pune

Professional Educator ,Phonics, Grammar & Handwriting, (Pursuing Tesol) Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Therapist

Hello World ,

I Have Learned This Skill With A Mission To Help Millions Of People, To Help Them To Make Their Life A Better Place To Live In And Spread Love And Happiness, As Only A Happy Person Can Spread Happiness

With My Dedication And Skill I Am Committed To Bring More Happiness, Peace And Success In This World

I Spread My Hands Of Support To Everyone Who Wants To Get Their Handwriting Analyzed And Also Help Them With This Science As A Grapho Therapist

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I Am So Grateful And Surprised With The Result Of The Analysis Of My Handwriting Done By You. I Would Really Like To Thank You For Your Hard Work You Have Put On In The Field You Have Mastered So Well. The Assessment Done By You Is 95% Accurate Which Is Unbelievable As I Never Knew That One’s Handwriting Does Reflect So Much About An Individual. All The Traits That You Have Assessed Are So True And Accurate That Left Me In Awe About This Amazing Field Of Handwriting Analysis But Also At The Same Time Made Me Wonder About Your Skills, Observation And Analyzing Power That You Seem To Have Mastered Already. You Really Deserve A 5 Star From Me And I Am Pretty Sure Anyone Who Will Get Their Handwriting Analysis Done By You Will Surely Second My Opinion. Just Hope That Your Hard Work Can Reach As Many People As Possible Who Are Interested In Getting Their Handwriting Analysis Done And I Will Surely Recommend You On The First Place To All My Family And Friends For The Same. Thank You So Much Once Again. Much Appreciated, Keep Going

Dr Sheikh Wafeya, Bhagalpur


Thank You Shammi For An Extraordinary Assessment Of My Handwriting. I Never Believed That A Person’s Handwriting Could Reveal So Much About His Nature. But Your Analysis Of My Handwriting And The Way You Explained Me Really Astounded Me. The Assessment You Made, If Not More Than At Least Is 98% Accurate. Thanks To You. I Now Believe Handwriting Analysis Is True Science And You Have Mastered The Art Of Analyzing Handwriting. I Would Also Like To Thank You For Providing Valuable Suggestions To Improve My Personality. I Hope More And More People Should Know About You And Your Amazing Skill In Handwriting Analysis

Ayaz Ahmad, Dubai


Handwriting Analysis Is Something New To Me, And I Am Still Amazed And Surprised By The Outcome Of The Analysis. May Be I Was Underestimating The Science Behind It,But Expert Analyst Like Shammi Have Changed My Perception Completely. I Could Closely Relate To The Outcome Shared By Shammi By Almost 95% .She Has Identified My Personality And Behavioral Traits From My Handwriting Alone.I Will Definitely Work On My Aspects Of Areas Of Improvement Highlighted. I Strongly Recommend Shammi’s Expertise To Anyone Who Would Like To Self Assess Themselves And Would Like To Improve Upon Themselves

Hemant, Pune

It Professional

Hi. My Name Is Shammi Akhtar .

I Am Shammi Akhtar, A Professional Educator In Phonics,Grammar & Handwriting,Teaching And Training Kids And Educators Since 2016

Started My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Therapist As The Science Behind It Has Fascinated Me

The More Handwriting Analysis I Do The More I Fall In Love With It And The Science Behind It

The People Who Have Got Their Handwriting Analysed By Me Actually Went Stunned And Astonished As How Handwriting Analysis Can Tell So Much About Personality, And Area Of Improvement Is One Such Factor Which Is Life Changing And Can Be A Complete Transformation Of Life For A Person

I Am Committed And Ready To Bring Positive Changes In Your Life, Are You Ready ?

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