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Shalini Sanoria

BA(H) Eng, Self Love Coach, Nlp Practitioner, Professional Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Therapist

My Mission Is To Help 1 Million Home Makers, Students And Professionals (Men/Women/Others) To Understand Themselves Via Their Handwriting, Rewire Their Brain And Multiply Their Income (Active/Passive).

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I Am A Person Who Deals With Figures Daily.But It Was So Amazing To Know That Handwriting Can Speak Volumes About Our Thinking Pattern, Our Strengths And Our Weaknesses. Shalini Ji Was So Accurate About Me Just By Analysing My Few Words. Loved The Magic!

Yash Sarotia, New Delhi


Relationship Coach Shalini Decoded My Personality Traits Just By Looking At My Handwriting! I Was Simply Amazed By Her Accuracy And Her Decoding Skills. It Was A Pleasant Surprise To Me That So Much Can Be Understood About A Person Just By Looking At Their Handwriting Strokes. Shalini Is Extremely Talented And Uses Her Skills For A Larger Goal, To Reach Out To More People And Help Them In A Way That Will Bring Out The Best In Them. I Wish Her The Best So That She Can Be The Light In Many Many Lives!

Brindha Jayashankar, Coimbatore

Shalini Diii ❤️ Love The Way You Analysed My Handwriting On The Spot ! Your Insights Into My Handwriting Gave Me A Better Understanding Of Myself, And I’m Impressed With How Accurate It Was. Definitely Worth Trying! Thank You 😊 ❤️

Akansha Mishra, Varanasi

School Co-Ordinator

Hi. My Name Is Shalini Sanoria

I Had Worked For Mncs, Yet Something Inside Me Felt Incomplete. I Then Joined The Booming Industry Of Coaching. I Established Myself As A Self Love Coach.

But, After Becoming Handwriting Analyst, I Fell In Love With The Science. It Is A Pill Less Cure For Many People. Changing Certain Strokes Can Rewire The Brain, Heal The Body And Became A Source Of Income Too. Let’s Be The Best Version Of Ourselves And Gift The Same To Our Society!!

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