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Shalini Garg

PhD, Professor, Life Coach, Healer And A Handwriting Analyst

My Mission As A Handwriting Analyst Is To Spread The Awareness To Decipher The Intricacies Of Handwriting For Decoding One’s Personality And Identifying Their Mental State Encrypted In Each Of Their Stroke. Through The Transformative Power Of This Science, I Wish To Serve The Society At Large To Help Them Live A Balanced Life With Perfect Alignment Of Their Body And Mind. “In Every Stroke, A Story Unfolds” “Graphology Is An Art Of Making You Bold”.

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You Did A Great Job Analyzing My Abilities And Talents, Which Made Me Feel Really Good About Myself. It Was Nice To See You Recognize And Appreciate My Strengths, Especially Since I Sometimes Doubted Them. Your Skill In Understanding My Personality Through My Handwriting Was Really Impressive And It Meant A Lot To Me. Also, The Advice You Gave Me On How To Make Certain Parts Of My Life Better Was Really Helpful And Easy To Understand. You Took My Unique Situation Into Account, So The Suggestions You Gave Me Were Practical And Something I Could Actually Do. I’m Grateful For The Care You Put Into Giving Me Personalized Advice.

Sangeeta, Jaipur


You Have An Amazing Talent For Noticing Small Details And Interpreting Them In A Way That Revealed My Natural Abilities And Unique Personality Traits Very Accurately. It Was Really Interesting To Learn That My Handwriting Could Say So Much About Who I Am. Thanks To Your Insights, I Now Feel More Confident In My Own Strengths And Potential. Moreover, Your Advice On How To Make Certain Parts Of My Life Better Was Incredibly Valuable. You Gave Me Practical Suggestions That Were Specifically Designed To Fit My Own Needs And Challenges, Which Makes Them Even More Powerful. I’m Excited To Try Out These Positive Changes And See How They Help Me Grow

Drishti, Mumbai


The Advice You Gave Me For Becoming A Better Person Was Really Helpful. You Took The Time To Understand My Situation And Gave Me Suggestions That Were Just Right For Me. Your Recommendations Have Shown Me The Way To Improve Myself And Grow As A Person. What I Found Most Amazing Was How You Revealed Parts Of Me That I Didn’t Even Realize Were There. It Was Like Discovering A Whole New Side Of Myself, And It’s Motivated Me To Learn More About Who I Am And Accept Myself For Who I Am.

Shelly, Alwar

Jewellery Designer

Hi. My Name Is Shalini Garg .

“Get Rid Of Your Mental Paralysis By Handwriting Analysis”

The Reason For Me Being Intrigued By This Science Is It Provides A Better Understanding Of Oneself In Such An Effortless Manner. One Can Gain A Deep Insight Into His Strength, Weaknesses, Fears And Communication Styles Merely By Examining The Strokes, Slants, Pressure And Spacing In Handwriting. By Practicing One Page Of Graphotherapy As A Morning Ritual Which Hardly Takes 19 To 15 Minutes Can Create Wonders In One’s Life And Far More Easier Than Any Other Therapy Prevalent In The Market. I Don’t Want People To Be Deprived By This Magical Science Just Because Of Lack Of Awareness For It.

Because Of The Advancement In Technology, Writing Has Almost Become Negligible As A Result Of Which People Are Facing So Many Physical And Psychological Challenges.

The Logic Behind Writing One Page Of Graphotherapy Is To Get Your Mind And Body Aligned. So, I Would Highly Recommend This Knowledge For The Benefit Of The Masses.

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