Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Shaheentaz Pathan

M. Tech In EPE

I Am On A Mission To Add More Value In The Lives Of People I Come In Contact With And To See The World A Happy Place To Live In And Very Much Delighted To Work With Unique And Geniuses… THE CHILDREN

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“I Am Surprised To See Hand Writing On A Piece Of Paper Can Give This Much Information About Me. I Agree 100 Percent With Your Analysis And The Details You Shared Regarding My Signature Is Also Amazing. Thank You For Analysing My Hand Writing.”

“I Really Am Wondering At The Concept Of Handwriting Analysis. It Helps A Person To Know About Him/Her Know Better. I Completely Agree With Your Analysis And Will Consider Your Suggestions As Advice. “

Noor Muhammad

Research Associate

This Is Really Awesome To Know About Me More Through My Handwriting . I Am Really Wondering To Know The Existence Of This Sort Of Science And The Information It Reveals Through A Piece Of Hand Writing Sample. Thank You For The Analysis And The Suggestions For My Areas Of Improvement.

Edukondalu, Hyderabad

Asst. Divisional Engineer

My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst Started With Handwriting Development Program Offered For My Son.

The Parents Of The Children Are Offered To Enroll Into The 3days Certificate Program For Being A Hand Writing Analyst Which I Enrolled , To Say Honestly, To Test The Credibility Of The Science And Out Of Curiosity To Know How Far This Science Works. As The 3 Days Program Doesn’t Fulfilled My Insatiable Urge, To Know More I Enrolled Into Professional Hand Writing Analyst Program. I Realized, Yes This Science Can Do Wonders . Apart From The Science, I Am Really Amazed To Know The Way This Program Has Its Impact On Every Aspect Of Life, The Things Discussed During The Course Are Far Beyond Hand Writing Analysis. Yes This Program Adds Much More Value To Our Lives Than What We Paid For.


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