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Shabana Abid Pathan

Educationist, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Therapist.

As A Professional Handwriting Analyst, My Mission Is To Empower Individuals On Their Unique Journey Of Self Discovery By Unravelling The Profound Insights Embedded Within Their Handwriting. I Am Committed To Fostering A Deeper Understanding Of One’s Personality, Strengths And Growth Areas Ultimately Guiding Them Towards Unlocking Their Untapped Potential.

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It Was Really Astonishing To See Shabana Stating Things Only Based On Handwriting. I Am Very Much Surprised! The Analysis Not Only Provided Insights Into My Personality But Also Served As A Mirror Reflecting My Strengths And Areas Of Improvement.

Zacharia John, Pune

Discovering How My Writing Style Reflected Aspects Of My Personality And Emotions Was A Genuinely Enlightening Experience. There Were Moments Of Surprise And Recognition As Shabana Connected The Dots Between Specific Writing Traits And Corresponding Characteristics. I Felt Like Someone Has Unveiled A Secret Language Embedded Within My Handwriting, Providing Me With A Mirror To My Own Soul. All Most All The Reviews Made By Shabana About My Personality Is Accurate. I Agree With It. The Handwriting Analysis With Shabana Was An Enriching And Emotionally Charged Encounter. May God Bless You In All Your Endeavours.

Annie Mathews, Pune

Thank You Shabana For Giving An Insight Based On My Handwriting M, It Has Been A Great Experience. Whatever You Have Analysed About My Personality Traits Very Much Resonates With Me. Given That You Have Recently Acquired This Skill You Were Very Good With The Analysis. My Good Wishes For You And Your Endeavours. I Can Foresee You Going Places.

Sheetal Gupta, Delhi

Hi. My Name Is Shabana Abid Pathan

Hello World,
I’m Shabana Abid Pathan An Educationist, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist, Invite You Into The Fascinating Realm Of Handwritings Analysis, Where Every Stroke Becomes A Storyteller And Every Curve Unveils The Intricate Layers Of Our Personalities.

My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst Has Been A Profound Odyssey Of Self-Discovery And Empowerment. It All Began With A Realization That Our Handwritten Words Are Not Mere Ink On Paper, They Are Unique Reflection Of Who We Are. This Revelation Sparked A Curiosity That Eventually Evolved Into A Passionate Commitment To Help Others Unlock The Mysteries Of Their Own Scripts.

Through My Services, I Aim To Create A Space Where Individuals Can Embark On A Journey Of Self-Discovery, Where They Can Embrace Their Strengths, Acknowledge Their Opportunities For Growth And Chart A Course Towards Personal Fulfilment.

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