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Shaalu S Chugani

Certified Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Analytical Therapist And Certified Professional Mahavastu Expert

My Mission Is To Harness The Power Of Graphology And Graphotherapy To Guide Individuals In Understanding Their Intrinsic Qualities, Embrace Self-Awareness And Personal Growth, Thereby Enabling Them To Lead A Fulfilling Life.

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Thank You Shaalu For Doing A Detailed Analysis Of My Handwriting. To Begin With, I Was Convinced With Your Reason Of Why Handwriting Explains Your Inner Self. The Observations That You Have Made Are My Prominent Traits. Apart From This, The Suggestions That You Have Made Are Quite Practical And Can Be Done In The Normal Course Of Life Without Changing Anything Much. I Have Started Following Them. Listening To Your Views, Has Also Made Me Concious Of Some Minor Changes That I Should Make. All In All, Thank You For Your Analysis And Guidance.

Anjali, Mumbai


I Had The Pleasure Of Having My Handwriting Analyzed By Shaalu And I Was Truly Amazed By The Accuracy And Insights Provided. Shaalu Possesses An Incredible Talent For Deciphering The Hidden Facets Of One’s Personality Through Their Handwriting Coupled With Delivering With Professionalism And Care. Highly Recommended To Try Once And Be Amazed.

Ahana Ghosh, Mumbai

Assistant Manager

This Handwriting Analysis Was One Of The Most Unique Experiences That I Have Had When It Comes To Personality Tests. I Would Like To Thank Shaalu For The Handwriting Analysis. She Pretty Much Nailed It With Almost 98% Accurate Result About My Thought Process And Personality Which Helped Me Understand My Strengths As Well As My Flaws That I Could Work On Correcting.

Shivani, Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Shaalu S Chugani .

A Handwriting Analyst, A Skilled Grapho Analytical Therapist, A Certified Professional Mahavastu Expert And Co-Founder Of ‘The Career Club’.

Graphology, The Study Of Handwriting, Reflects One’s Psychological And Physiological States. Graphotherapy Offers A Transformative Approach To Effect Constructive Personality Changes Through Handwriting. These Techniques Guide Individuals Towards A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves And Lay A Foundation For Proactive Self-Improvement.

With A Discerning Eye For Detail And A Profound Understanding Of Human Nature, My Mission Revolves Around Leveraging The Deep Insights Of Graphology And Graphotherapy, Enabling Individuals To Foster Self-Awareness, Evolve Personally, And Lead A Life Filled With Purpose And Fulfilment.

“In The Strokes Of Handwriting, The Soul Finds Its Voice And The Mind Finds Its Reflection.” – Anonymous

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