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Sejal Matalia

B.com, M.B.A (Finance) , B.Ed Special Education (Mental Retardation) , Professional Handwriting Analyst, Grapho-Analytical Therapist

Am on a mission to Empower, Transform & Nurture a Million Human Spirits & create endless opportunities through the transformative Power of this Science of Graphotherapy. I am committed to bring in positivity & enhance the amazing souls holistically and in all areas of their life with Simple Yet Powerful Pen.

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Thank You Sejal for helping to analysis my handwriting. I was fascinated by your reading and that without you knowing me or vice versa, there was a lot of things which you mentioned to me about my nature was absolutely correct. The reading was quite innocently correct and was glad to know about my strength and weakness. Generally, a person forgets about his nature when he is occupied with work or problems or things surrounding him, but your reading made me realized that something more needs to be worked out on self. Your prediction regarding my nature, my behavior, my style or work, my attitude towards society and people around me, my strengths and my weakness and my area of improvement, was highly accurate. I am glad that your science study in this thesis is very strong. Thank you, Sejal, for your time and helping me to discover myself. As feedback, I would like to mark you 95% accuracy for your study. Once again Thanks.

CA.Nishant Soni, Mumbai

Chartered Accountant

I had never imagined that my handwriting can have my all the details with you. Whatever was said by you exactly represents me. So, it’s just so good to know so much insights about myself. Thank you for the same. Would definitely like to join your 30 days analysis course to improve myself. May you grow like anything and help others to change their life with your therapy. I give 99/100


Chartered Accountant

This preliminary round of discussion and understanding analysis based on my handwriting was an eye opener to me. I am happy as well as surprised with the readings. Few matters which are/were subconsciously in existence so surprised and behaviour/nature which exactly matched made happy. Very nice and useful inputs received. I would say almost 90% of reading was most accurate. Thank you, Sejal, 😊 for the wonderful insight.

Pranav Jani, NSHM Kolkata

General Manager

Hi. My Name Is Sejal Matalia

Hi, I am Sejal Matalia. Never knew my fascination for different styles of handwriting will bring me here. A Dream was ignited in “The City of Joy” (Kolkata, 2011) for this Science when someone revealed a blatant truth about me, which no one knew to “The City That Never Sleeps” (Mumbai, 2020).

This Science took my life for 360° turn gradually in these 3 years. And now I want to take this transformation to the society I live and reach out Specially to the Females who just need an extra push (like I needed) to look within & discover SELF. Want to Empower & Facilitate their Journey of Self Discovery through Graphotherapy.

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