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Seema Yadav

Admn & HR Manager

I Proudly Feel That I Found My Niche/ My Own Part Of Contribution To The Existing World .L Am Really Excited N Thrilled That I Would Be Able To Provide Others A Valuable Insight About Their Ownself And Introduce Them With A Whole New Identity Of Themselves. My Objective To Serve People To Feel The Essence Of Their Handwriting .I Believe This Is A Powerful Way To Direct Your Path For The Betterments And Acknowledge Your Flaws .. I Would Be Grateful If I Could Be The Medium Of One Single Positive Change In Others Life. .

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My Handwriting Analysis Is 80%- 90% Is Correct ..Iike I Stack Things N Emotions For Long And One Day Explodes Everything .M  Lil Bit Secretive To Keep Myself Safe And Also M Argumentative When It Comes To Prove Myself .

Akanska, Jaipur

Omg Aunty  ..This Is Actually Pretty Accurate.. Like Everything You Have Written In The Analysis Report Is Pretty Much Tire 

Jia Mohan, Delhi

She Has A Very Creative Way Of Explaining Things In Simplest Ways. .Her Diligence And Work Ethics In Her Field Are Excellent .She Displays Her Enthusiasm In Her Work .I Personally Asked Her To Define Me Through My Handwriting And To My Surprise She Was Extremely Accurate . Her Passion Towards Her Work Provides A Unique Perspective Towards Life .Best Wishes Always For Your Future Endeavors ..Big Hug And Thanks .

Meenakshi Mayne, Delhi

Hi. My Name Is Seema Yadav .

There Is No Way To Fully Express My Gratitude To This Journey Of Becoming A Handwriting Analysis .I Feel It Came At Just The Right Time .While Studying This Science Of Graphology Has Not Only Showed Asthetic Improvement In Writing Better But Also Increase My Confidence That Really Helped Me To Overcome Other Invitations . .This Has Also Reported A Noticable Improvement In My Concentration Levels /Positive Attitude .In Result M Able To Define All My Thoughts & Actions With In My Awareness . Immensely Thankful To Graphothearpy Practices ( Healing Therapy )The Fastest Way To Rewire Your Mind .

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