Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Sayali Eishwar Dighey

Master In Computer Application(MCA), Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Help People Understand Themselves Better And Help Them Live Up To Their True Potential With The Assistance Of This Beautiful Science And The Practice Of Grapho therapy.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Never Thought Of Consulting A Handwriting Analyst But When I Met Nitya She Changed My Ideology About Mind And Handwriting. Her Suggestion Were Priceless.” I Was Astonished To Know That Handwriting Can Reveal So Much About A Person. I Was Indeed Happy To Understand Myself Better And Gain Clarity On What Really Needs To Be Worked Upon. I Thank Sayali For Revealing This Beautiful Science To Me , Her Analysis Were Very Relatable To What I Am And I Will Definitely Work On Being A Better Individual With The Help Of Graphology.

Kavita Kashid, Pune


Understanding My Strengths, Weaknesses, Habits, Fears And Getting Interesting Insights Of My Personality From Sayali Was Really Amazing. I Was Surprised To See How This Science Accurately Showcases Human Traits. The Way Sayali Explained And Put Forward Things To Me Is Worth Appreciating. One Thing I Believe Is In Life You Should Continuously Keep Upgrading Yourself For The Better, And I Feel Handwriting Analysis Is Also One Medium That Can Help You To Do So. Thank You Sayali For Guiding Me And Analyzing My Handwriting.

Sunil Kashid, Pune

Mechanical Engineer

Dear Sayali, Thank You So Much For The Handwriting Analysis. Your Analysis Are Very Accurate. I Could Honestly Share My Life With You. You Put Forward Everything So Well, I Now Understand My Pain Points And Where I Really Need To Improve. So Grateful To You Dear , Keep Up Your Good Work.

Shivani Bhanuse, Pune


Hello Everyone I Am Sayali Eishwar Dighey.

Learning The Science Of Handwriting Analysis Has Changed My Life. I Got Insight Into
My Own Personality. Practicing Graphotherapy Has Helped Me Improvise Myself In
Various Aspects Like Awareness, Confidence, Decision Making, Consistency And Much
More. Seeing The Transformation In Myself I Truly Wish To Contribute The Same To
The Society By Helping Individuals To Unleash Their True Potential And Live A
Holistic Abundant Life By The Medium Of Graphology.

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