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Savita Sengar

Nutritionist Wellness Coach, Grapho Therapist Healer

My Mission Centers On Empowering And Enriching The Lives Of 10,000 Individuals By Utilizing My Expertise As A Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Healer, And Graphotherapist. Through A Holistic Approach, My Ultimate Aim Is To Help Unlock Hidden Emotions, Foster Self-Awareness, And Catalyze Positive Transformations In Their Lives.

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Her Analysis Of My Personality Based On My Handwriting Was Bang On. I Couldn’t Have Described Myself Better! As She Suggested Some Area Of Improvement Given 30 Days Practices Book And On Doing That I Have Already Started To Note A Difference In My Life. I Have More Clarity In Life And Confidence. This Experience Has Been A Real Eye-Opener For Me — I Would Recommend Everybody To Get Their Handwriting Analyzed

Harshita, Hyderabad

Working In IRCTC

I Never Thought My Handwriting Can Tell So Much Me. But Savita Gave Me A Brief Analysis And I Was Stunned. It Was Like Placing Mirror In Front Of Me Each And Every Word That She Said About My Personality And My Problems Was So So True. After Start Practicing 30 Day Grapho Theraphy With Her I Am Feeling Great Change In Me.

Pawan, Hyderabad

Executive In IRCTC

The Analysis Of My Handwriting 100 % Truly Describes In Detail About My Character And Behavior . It Is Actually So True That I Am Led To Believe Savita Knows Me Even Better Than I Do. The Analysis Also Addresses My Main Issues And Problems Stress In My Life That I Am Going Through , She Mention Some Area That I Need To Work On , Thankyou Savita Analysis Was Eye Opening For Me

Khushbu Agarwal, Jabalpur

Hi. My Name Is Savita Sengar .

As A Skilled Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Healer, With More Than 12 Years Of Experience In The Health And Wellness Field I Am Here To Guide And Support People In Achieving A Healthier Body And A More Empowered Mind. My Expertise Combined With My Passion I Will Guide You On A Transformative Journey To Optimal Health And Well-Being.

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