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Satya Prakash

Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Enhance Life Of 1000 Persons By Graphology And Graphotherapy. I Stand For Humanistic Approach To Resolving Issues Confronting Individuals Duly Adhering To Code Of Ethics Of A Graphotherapist.

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Score For Accuracy Of All Feedback On Handwriting Analyses By Satya Prakash Sir Is 95%. It Surprised Me In A Good Way. Brilliant, Extremely Helpful For Me To Develop My Personality In Positive Way. It Captured All Of My Personality Traits Perfectly. I Am Very Pleased With The Results Of This Test. They Are Completely Accurate, Right Down To The Tiniest Detail.

Mayur Aware, Pune

Senior Instructor

Thank You For Analyzing My Handwriting. Your Insights Were Incredibly Enlightening And Impressively Accurate. I Was Amazed By How Closely Your Observations Matched My Temperament. Specifically, Your Insights Into My Hardwork And Determination Were Spot-On. Your Expertise Provided Valuable Insights Into My Personality Traits, And I Genuinely Appreciate The Effort You Put Into The Analysis.

Hi. My Name Is Satya Prakash

Handwriting Is Brain Writing. By Making Subtle Changes In My Handwriting I Have Positively Improved My Outlook, Actions And Reactions. I Am Committed To Do The Same To My Students And Clients.

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