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Sasirekha Chandrasekaran

Transformational Life Coach

I Am On A Profound Quest To Bring Remarkable Transformation In Millions, Empowering People To Lead Their Lives Of Utmost Fulfilment With Holistic Success In Every Aspect Of Their Existence, Embracing The Extraordinary Potential Within Them, By Harnessing The Power Of Their Handwriting.

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Hi, Analysis Done On My Handwriting Was 97%. Analysis Done On My Husband’s Handwriting Is 90% Relatable. Some Facts Analysed Were Surprising. It Was Also Shocking And Impressive To Know That One’s Handwriting Can Reveal These Many Things.

Bhavana, Chennai

House Wife

I Never Knew That Someone Can Still Read Through My Scribbles And Give Me Lots Of Insights That I Wasn’t Even Aware Of Myself. I Really Thank Sasirekha For Her Wonderful Efforts In Learning This And Helping People To Get Aware Of Their True Self. I Got Answers To Many Of My Questions As To Why I Behave In A Certain Way During Few Situations. I Would Rate Her With 92% Accuracy Of All My Traits Unrevealed. This Was Surprising Thing For Me As This Is The First Time I Experience Something Like This. I Would Suggest All My Friends And Family For Getting To Know Themselves Better. Thank You Sasirekha For Your Hardwork In Reading Through My Tough Handwriting And Still Coming Up With 92% Accuracy. Unbelievable!! –

Kartick, Thiruvarur

Manager It Professional

I Am Truly Impressed By The Handwriting Analysis I Received! The Analyst’s Ability To Accurately Decipher My Personality Traits And Behaviors With A 95% Accuracy Rate Was Astonishing. It Felt Like They Had A Direct Window Into My Soul Through My Handwriting. The Insights Gained From This Analysis Have Been Invaluable In Understanding Myself Better And Making Positive Changes. If You’re Seeking Self-Awareness And Want To Uncover Hidden Aspects Of Your Personality, This Handwriting Analysis Is A Must-Try. Prepare To Be Amazed By The Accuracy And Depth Of The Analysis. It’s A Transformative Experience! Thank You So Much Sasirekha!!🤝🙏

Krish, Chennai


Hi. My Name Is Sasirekha Chandrasekaran.

Sasirekha Chandrasekaran., M.B.A, MSc., PGBM (Brussels)

Transformational Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Certified Counsellor – CCI.,

Loa Coach & Energy Healer, Certified Vastu Consultant, Business Strategist, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Graphologist & Grapho-Analytical Therapist, Founder Of Limitless Life LLP., Accredited Member Of APA.

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