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Sashikanta Malik

M.A In Social Work & MHSC. In Public Health Development Professional, Graphologist And Well-Being Coach

My Mission Is To Touch The Lives Of 1 Million People Around The World Through The Magic Of Graphology And Empower Them To Lead A Blissful And Dignified Life By Spreading The Knowledge Among Budding Graphologists.

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For Me, The Subject Of Graphology Came Out To Be Very Interesting As The Concept And Logic Behind It Were Very New, Logical And Surprising To Me. I Got To Know That Someone’s Handwriting Can Also Be A Very Crucial Part Of Their Personality Traits. For Me, The Analysis Provided Based On My Handwriting By Mr. Sashikanta Malik Was Very Accurate To What I Am In My Real Life. A Few Parameters Provided Included My Strengths, Weaknesses, Behaviours, Areas Of Improvement, Etc. To Which The Maximum Was Very Close. It Is A Very Good Medium To Know Yourselves With The Help Of Graphologists Like You Because You Give A Detailed Analysis To The Clients. Therefore, I Would Rate The Accuracy Of The Analysis To Be 90-95%. I See A Sea Of Opportunities In This Field As A Person And Also As A Profession.

Payal Dash, Bhubaneshwar

Development Professional

I Would Really Appreciate Your Reading Sir. I Will Definitely Work On Myself As Suggested By You. I Would Like To Thank You For Taking Out Some Time From Your Busy Schedule To Do The Analysis For Me And I Am Amazed That You Explained All My Traits So Perfectly. The Most Beautiful Thing Is That You Made Me Aware Of My Good Qualities. I Would Definitely Work On My Negative Traits And Convert It To The Good One. Thanks

Deepika Rath, Odisha

Consultant To Govt. Of Odisha

“It Was Amazing To Know How My Handwritten Letters Could Reveal So Much About My Personality Traits. I Thought It Was Quite Accurate To What I Feel About Myself. I Would Rate The Accuracy To Be About 90 Out Of 100. It Is Very Interesting For Me To Realize The Potential Of Graphology. I Feel Optimistic That Our Handwriting Pattern Very Much Plays A Role In Shaping Our Behaviour”.

Deepanjali Behera, Bhubaneshwar

Faculty And Researcher

Hi. My Name Is Sashikanta Malik.

Being A Social Work And Development Professional, I Have Been Associated With Different Kinds Of People Like Disaster Survivors, Persons With Disability, People Addicted To Drugs/Living With Hiv/Aids, Indigenous Communities, Vulnerable Women And Children, Who Struggled To Come Out Of The Vicious Circle Exclusion And Poverty. Empowerment Is The Key To Overcome All Kinds Of Vulnerable/Exclusion Situations With The Enhancement Of Inner Power To Lead A Dignified Life Irrespective Of The Socio-Economic Status.

I Explored The Power Of Graphology Being Effective At The Cellular Level With The Activation Of Sub-Conscious Mind. I Realized The Potential Of The Science In Empowering Peoples In Different Aspects- Physical, Social, Economic, Personal, Professional & Spiritual Of Life. I Experienced The Magic Of The Science Being The Part Of The Inner Circle Of Penmanship Academy And Amazed With The Results Reflected In The Lives Of People. I Aspire To Serve The Society By Helping Them To Lead Life With Peace And Prosperity Keeping The Self-Esteem High.

I Feel Happy Being Part Of The Community And Commit To Take Forward The Science In Bringing Positive Change In The Lives Of People Around Me Beyond Geography.

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