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Sanjay Bhonge

BE(CIVIL), M-Tech, Lead Assessor in ISO-9000 Systems, DFM, DIT, Diploma in Quality Assurance & ISO 9000, Vastu-Visharad, Handwriting Analyst And Garapho Therapist

I Always Felt That Our Signature And Handwriting Wants To Communicate With Us. There Was A Consistent Effort From Me To Unveil A Side Of Our Personality That Had Been Hidden Away. I Always Had This Curiosity-Why Do People Behave The Way They Behave. Even The Person Himself Is Unaware Of Certain Traits That They Own.

Being A Handwriting Analyst, I See That I Can Be Instrumental In Enhancing People’s Lives And Minds. I Believe, “When You Know “You”, Is When You Can Become A Better “You”. As A Handwriting Analyst, I Want To Explore The Power Of Graphology Among All To Change Their Lives In The Best Possible Way.

My Mission Is To Take The Message Of Importance Of Handwriting In Today’s Speedily Expanding Digital World, Which Would Help Them For Better Personality, Better Thinking, And Better Behavior By Guiding Them To Develop An Improved Version Of Themselves By Improving Their Handwriting.

 Imran Sir Has Made Learning This Science Easy To Learn. Imran Sir’s Mission Is To Reach Out To 1 Million Individuals To Fall In Love With Writing And Support Them In Forging Their Future Using The Power Of The Pen And I Further Want To Help Them Understand Their Personality By Identifying Their Strength And Overcome Their Fears And Defenses

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“On 15 August 2022, I Was Delivered My Handwriting Analysis Report By Mr. Sanjay Bhonge Staying In Navi Mumbai. I Was Surprised To See The Report As It Revealed My Nature, Thought Process, My Strengths And Improvement Areas With About 90% Accuracy. I Was Entirely Impressed With The Conversation And Also How Accurate This Was. There Were Many New Things That I Got To Learn About Myself And Discovered New Qualities Within Me. I Am Now Firm Believer Of The Process Of Handwriting Analysis As It Is A Scientific Process. I Would Like To Thank Mr. Sanjay Bhonge For Giving Me The Opportunity To Be Introduced New Science Of Personality Improvement.”

Smt, Apurwa Naik, Pune

Prof In Electronics Department

“I Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity To Share My Experience. When On 17 August, I Was Delivered My Handwriting Analysis Report By Mr. Sanjay Bhonge. I Was Surprised To Know Many Dimensions Of My Personality And I Came To Know Much More About Myself.  I Understood My Hidden Potential. After Doing This Process Of Handwriting Analysis I Under Stood My Strength And Weakness Which Helped Me Lot In Becoming Genuine Human Beings. Handwriting Analysis As It Is A Scientific Process And I Will Recommend To Those Who Want To Develop Their Potential To Fullest Extent.. Thank You.”

“The Handwriting Analysis You Did For Me Was Very Detailed. I Really Appreciate Your Work And Patience To Explain Each And Everything In So Much Detail. I Realized
Handwriting Analysis Is Not Just Analyzing Handwriting But To Know And Accept The Way People Are And The Way They Behave, Sometimes Even The Person Himself/ Herself Is Unaware Of Certain Traits That They Own. In My Case The Handwriting Analysis Was Fairly Accurate. The Analysis You Did For Me Was Too Good. Everything You Said, Made Me Think About Myself.  I’m Looking Forward For Further HW Analysis Of My All Family Members.  Thank You. Great Work! Thanks!”

Nayana Thakur, Burhanpur. MP


When I Started My Journey Of Becoming Handwriting Analyst And Garapho Therapist,

In My Career Of 32 Years As Bridge Design And Construction Engineer, I Met All Varieties Of People. I Realized That People Did Not Understand Their True Potentials. Lots Of Potential Within Us Is Yet Not Tapped By Ourselves.
Exactly Here The Science Of Handwriting Analysis And Grapho Therapy Helps Us To Understand Our True Potential And True Self. If One Doesn’t Know And Understand Oneself, How Could They Become A Better Version Of Oneself? Grapho Therapy Help Us To Understand Ourselves.
In My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst I Believe Firmly That It Help Us In Understanding Our Own Life And Keys To Transform Us To A Better Human Beings. It Improves Many Dimensions Of Our Personality And Brings Great Positive Shift In Our Traits.
I Want Reach Out To All Various Layers Of Society And The Underprivileged To Pave Their Paths Of Better Version Of Human Beings With Use Of This Powerful Tool. This Science Influenced Me Immensely To Make My Mission To Make A Better World And Offer My Best To The Society….I Convey My Sincere Gratitude To Our Beloved And Popular Teacher, Mr. Imran Baig..

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