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Samihan Kulkarni

I Am On A Mission To Help As Many Individuals As Possible Discover Their True Selves Through Their Handwriting And Help Them Unleash Their Maximum Potential By Optimizing Their Strengths And Minimizing Their Weaknesses.

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I Would Like To Say, The Reading Was Superb And It Basically Confirmed All My Traits And Even My Trigger Point. If Have To Give A Percentage With Regards To Accuracy I Would Say It Is An 80% Accurate That Describes Me As A Person And All My Characteristics. You Have Done Great Work In Analysing My Handwriting. Keep Up The Good Work And Best Wishes Always.

Jeremy Dçunha, Mumbai

Cabin Crew

Hi Samihan, Thanks For Taking The Time To Do The Analysis. I Was Very Impressed With The Accuracy Of The Analysis. It Captured Most Of My Personality Traits Perfectly. There Were A Few Minor Points That May Not Have Been Me In Certain Ways. You Covered A Lot Of Details From A Short Writing Sample. I Did Not Expect Such An In-Depth Analysis And I Was Pleasantly Surprised. Thank You So Much And I Will Definitely Recommend You To My Family And Friends.

Sharmeen Lokhandwala , Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Samihan Kulkarni .

My Name Is Samihan Kulkarni. A Language Trainer And Actor By Profession, I Was Always Intrigued By The Vast Depths Of Human Psychology And Behavior. I Would Keep Reading And Looking Up The Internet Anything And Everything I Could Find Which Would Help Me Decode This.

That’s When I Came Across This Beautiful Skill Called Handwriting Analysis Which Was One Of The Simplest And Most Effective Ways Of Achieving That. I Searched Through Many Programs But Mr. Imran Baig Had This Divine Energy Which Just Made Me Realize That This Was The Perfect Place To Learn.

There Has Been A Huge Paradigm Shift Ever Since I Started Learning It And It Propelled Me To Take On My Mission To Help Maximum People Experience What I Did And Unleash Their True Potential Through The Immense Power Of Handwriting All While Discovering Infinite Sides Of Themselves.

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