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Safura Maniyar

Graphologist, LOA/Leadership Coach & Human Resource Manager

“Decode One’s True Self” – Our Vision Is To Inspire Millions Of People To Decode Their True Selves To Bring Charismatic Transformation To Their Lives By Empowering Their Own Handwriting Through Grapho-Therapy.

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It Was Really Amazing!!!! Thank You Sapura For The Analysis U Made Of My Handwriting, Most Of The Thing You Said Was Very Much True. Many Things I Resonate With Are Absolutely True From Your Analysis. Even I Came To Know That I Have The Ability To Talk And Thank You For Providing Areas Of Improvement Which Are Very Important And I Would Try To Improve Them. Your Skill Is Superb!!! Amazing!!

Supriya Mahesh, Bangalore


Thank You For The Interesting Handwriting Analysis Session! Sapura Is Very Patient In Explaining The Details With Examples And Provided Mostly Accurate Analysis Based On My Handwriting. Felt Like Her Analysis Was A Mirror That Helped Me To Show How I Am At Conscious And Unconscious Levels. Her Analysis Provided Me With A Holistic View Of Myself. Got To Know A Lot About The Meaning Behind Various Details Of My Handwriting. She Is Very Knowledgeable, Yet Humble And Friendly. Her Passion For This Science Is Captivating. She Is So Selfless Working Towards The Betterment Of Society Through The Knowledge She Has Been Acquiring. Having Known Her Personally Her Can See So Many Positive Changes In Her After She Is Practicing Graphology. I Recommend Her To My Friends For Handwriting Analysis. Thank You Sapura.

Veena Kolkar, Bangalore

Admin Associate

Amazing Work! I Didn’t Expect This Much Detailed Explanation In This Short Duration. And Surprisingly 99 % Accurate Results What You Gave. Mostly All The Findings Are Related To My Personality. And Signature Analysis I Was Shocked That Many Details You Gave Were Absolutely Amazing. Thank You So Much For Giving Me Such An Insight Into Myself.

Sandhiya V, Vellore

Ph.D. Student

Hi. My Name Is Safura Maniyar .

In The Process Of Discovering Oneself, I Was Exposed To Such A Beautiful And Holistic Science That Is “Graphology” Which Not Only Gave Me Insights But Also Gave A New Vision To Build Dots (Decode One’s True Self) In Everyone’s Life Which Can Amazingly Create Powerful Strength Within Self.

As I Truly Believe, “The Power In Present” Which Comes From The Moment We Are In, And The Experiences We Can Have If We Just Absorb Ourselves Into The Now. And This Power Was Empowered In Myself Through “The Power Of The Pen”.

I’ve Always Been Passionate About Contributing To The Society And Advancing My Skills, Which Inspired Me To Master Graphology. My Expertise, Dedication And Commitment To Helping Others Makes Me Excited And Focused On Achieving My Goals.

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