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Saakshi A Kerkar

Reki Grandmaster Healer, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Empower More Than 1lakh Souls To Manage Any Scenario In Their Life, Helping Them To Understand And Improve Prespective Of Their Life By Handwriting Analysis And Using Grapho Therapy. I Want To Spread This Magical Science As Much As Possible For Me.

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I Was Amazed By The Result Of The Analysis As It Was So Perfect That The Way I Am And Also The Way I Think Even I Wonder How Our Handwriting Can Express About Us So Much Who Knows I May Try This Course In Future. Thank You So Much Saakshi For The Analysis When You Told Me About It Felt Like I Met Myself From A Third-Person View And Felt Like I Need To Work On Some Of The Points You Mentioned. Looking Forward To Know Much More And Have A Brief Review From You Soon.

Shubham Kadu, Mumbai

Social Media Executive

Saakshi Your Handwriting Analysis Was Amazing. I Thought I Know Myself A Lot. But U Showed Me Some Of My New Things Which I Have Forgotten. I Gave An Opportunity To Know, Understand And Improve Myself. Your Analysis Will Help Me To Set My New Goals . So I Once Again Thank U From Bottom Of My Heart.

Handwriting Analysis Is A New Concept For Me Never Heard Before So Initially I Thought Let’s Try And Check It. But Saakshi Kerkar When You Revealed Me My Analysis I Was Shocked And Surprised To Know In My Handwriting Analysis. Some Of The Things Are Very Personal To Us Which We Don’t Share With Others But Even Those Things Were Revelled Through Your Analysis. You Suggested Me To Work On Area Of Improvement Which Will Be Done From My Side. Once Again Thanks Saakshi For Such A Spot On Handwriting Analysis ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š


Rakesh More, Mumbai

Regional Credit Manager

Hi. My Name Is Saakshi A Kerkar .

Graphology As A Science I Came To Know In The Year 2012. Out Of Curiosity I Started Gaining Basic Knowledge Of Graphology. I Wanted To Have Deep Study In Graphology But Was Unable To Do. Since 2012 I Had A Deep Feeling Towards Graphology And I Also Wanted To Do Phd In The Same.

Last Couple Of Years I Have Let Go The Thought Of Doing Graphology. Inspite Of Seeing Imran Sir’s Ad On Youtube Many Times I Ignored It, I Was Not Ready To Invest More Money In To It.

But The Destiny Has Its Own Plans. As We All Know The Power Of Law Of Attraction It Works Suddenly I Come Across The Basic Course Of Handwriting Analysis Of Imran Sir. And Then Decide To Have A Deep Dive Into It. That’s How I Became Professional Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Analytical Therapist
Very Soon I Will Be *Inner Physician* Graduate Also .

So While Studying Handwriting Analysis I Came To Know About Minute Changes Happens Around Me Which Over A Period Of Time Turns Into Drastic Changes In My Thinking Pattern, Emotional Balance, My Behaviour In All Areas Of My Life.

Then Finally I Decided To Take This Science Of Handwriting Analysis And Grapho Therapy To Lakhs Of People Which Can Turn Their Life Into More Happiness And Prosperous Feelings.

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