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Rupa Patil

International Business Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker. Founder: #Heartleaders Club. Founder: Weekend Nuts.

I Am On A Mission To Support At Least 10k Heart Centered Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Income And Impact (Without Paid Ads)

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Thank You Rupa . This Is The First Time I Have Got My Handwriting Analysis Done By Rupa. I Was Surprised To Know Myself Again . As Each Aspect Just Unfolded My True Self. I Would Give Her 99% If I Was Asked At What Percentage It Is Rated. I Wish Rupa All The Best.

Bindu Mehrotra, Bangalore

Founder: Bindu's Herbal Products

Just Recently Rupa Did A Handwriting Analysis On My Handwriting. I Would Describe Myself As A Skeptical Person When It Comes To Things Like Discovering Character Traits In Something Like A Handwriting.  Well – Long Story Short – I’m Amazed. It’s Incredible To How Many Things Rupa Shared With Me That I Was Easily Able To Relate With. On Top Of That I Was Given The Opportunity To Figure Out And See Some Blind Spots. In My Opinion It’s All About Finding These Blind Spots In Life. It’s Simply Hard (Or Impossible) To Do So Your Own. This Analysis Gave Me The Great Opportunity In Shedding Some Light On A Few Of These.  If You Are Like Me And Are Constantly Looking For Opportunities To Grow Personally… – What About Getting In Touch With Rupa And Let Her Do The Magic With Your Handwriting Too.  Thanks Again Rupa

Michael Hildebrandt, Germany 

Founder, Sleep Trus

Am Thrilled With Joy Sharing With You Rupa That I See You Becoming A Grand Master In The Area Of Handwriting Analysis. As I Learned Last Week That You Were Learning This Art And Took Up My Handwriting For Analysis. I Was So Much Glad, Not Knowing Because I’ll Get My Analysis But Because Knowing That You’ll Do This Analysis. I Waited With Curiosity That How Fast And Accurately You Will Be Ready To Deliver It . And To My Surprise What You Delivered Today As Analysis Brought Me See That Potential Of Expert In You. That’s The Reason I Say That I See A Future Grand Master Expert Of This Art Of Graphology In You. Thanks For Taking Your Time Out In Studying My Lines On Paper.. Thank You Rupa

Hi. My Name Is Rupa Patil

Over 20 Years Ago, As A College Kid, I Was Attracted To Handwriting Anlysis. But The Only Reason I Did Not Pursue It Because I Felt Incomplete To Just Analyze Someone’s Handwriting And Leave Them Wondering What To Do About It. Decades Later, The Answer To This Was Given By Imran Baig, An Heart Centered Leader And My Handwriting Analysis Coach.

Today, As An International Business Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker; I Am Committed To Serve At Least 10k Heart Centered Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Income And Impact. And Now, I Have Yet Another Tool In My Toolbox, To Support And Serve Others To Become Their Best Version, And That Is: Handwriting Analysis.


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