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Ruby Gupta

Master Of Pharmacy In Industrial Pharmacy, Founder Of Artshaala, Entrepreneur

I Am On A Mission To Help 10k Individuals Including Children To Be Aware Of Their Strength, Weakness, Fear And Defence By Analysing Their Handwriting , Also Giving Them Graphotherapy To Help In Bringing The Positive Changes In Them.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Dear Ruby, A Very Thank You For The Analysis Done. I Was Totally Stunned When I Heard Your Analysis. Not A Single Word Was Wrong. Every Detail From My Professional To Personal, Were 100% True. Even To The Ailments That I Have, She Was Spot On Identifying. This Was Something Unheard Of Earlier Before Ruby Opened Up About The Immense Possibilities Hidden Behind One’s Handwriting. I Am Really Happy That I Took The Plunge And Let Ruby Do The Analysis. Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity To Sample Something So Marvelous! Thank You!”

Dr. Divya, Hyderabad

Lead- Scientific

“Dear Ruby, Thank You For The Handwriting Analysis. Never Knew Something With One Page Of Handwriting Can Create A Whole Lot Of Analysis Like This. Your Analysis Is Spot On And I Could Agree With All Aspects Of It To Almost 100%. I Also Was Surprised At How Deeply You Can Analyze A Personality In All Respects. You Have Done An Impeccable Job In Some Areas That I Was Taken By Delight And Astonishment. Thank You Very Much For Giving Me The Opportunity To Participate!. “

K. Deepa, Hyderabad

Founder- Skillioma

Thanks A Lot Ms Ruby Gupta For Analysing My Handwriting. Really Such Wonderful And Amazing Information. I Am Very Much Surprised That Most Of The Predictions Are True. I Can’t Believe This Type Of Information From My Handwriting. I Am Very Much Satisfied And Excited As Some Information Like Nature, Behaviour, Personality And Health Prediction Etc Which Are Very Strange Secrets, Yet Could Be Predicted So Well. Thank You And Best Wishes!

Dr. R.D. Gupta, Ghaziabad

Director, Ocp

I Am A Pharmacist By Academics And Artist By Passion.

I Am A Mother Of Twin Daughters. Everytime I Feel That I Should Utilize My Time In A Productive Manner. As Art Is A Threrapy To Some People, Graphotherapy Is A Healing Power Too. Now As A Certified Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist, I Can Give Grapho-Therapy And Help The People Who Really Need It.

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