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Rengaselvi S Naidu

Home Engineer, Handwriting Analysts, Graphologist, Facilitator

I Am On A Mission To Support Couples On Compatibility Through Handwriting Analysis

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Amazing, Handwriting Can Give A Mirror Image Of You With Such Accurate Information It’s A Unique Study. Thank You For Your Painstaking Efforts👌

Suresh Arora, Mumbai

Retired Govt. Officer

Hello Alka, Done A Good Job, Can’t Believe It, Handwriting Can Unfold Your True Colors, Keep It Up.

Sudha Arora, Mumbai

Art Teacher

Thanks For The Analysis, It Was About 90% Accurate & Upto The Mark. Came To Know My Strengths And Weaknesses. Areas Of Improvement Were Identified & Brilliant Corrections Were Given Through Graphotherapy, I’d Highly Recommend Her To Others.

Dharmendra Malhotra, Mumbai

Real Estate Professional

Hi. My Name Is Rengaselvi S Naidu .

In This Modern World, Students Need Discipline. Handwriting Development Helps Them With It.

Imran Sir Says, “A Healthy Mind Cannot Have A Diseased Body.” I Was A Stroke Patient And Have Been Coming Out Of It Step By Step. I Am On A Mission To Empower The World To Have A Healthy Mind.

A Lot Of Couples These Days Are Seen Going To The Court Or Ending Lives Due To Misunderstanding. Through Handwriting Analysis, I Am On A Mission To Bridge The Gap Of Understanding Between Them.

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