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Rekha K


My Mission As A Professional Handwriting Analyst Is To Serve People And Also To Help Them In Improve In The Areas Where They Have To And In Turn Change The Imbalance Of Emotions. I Commit That I Am Happy To Serve As Much As People I Can By Analyzing Their Handwriting.

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I Got My Handwriting Analysis Done By Ms.Rekha K Who Is My Friend And Colleague As Well. I Came To Know That She Is Currently Into Graphology And Was Curious To Know About Myself. The Report She Gave Was Around 90% Accurate About My Character, Fear , My Strength , Areas Of Improvement Etc. I Was Advised To Try To Change The Style And Formation Of Few Letters. It Was Great Experience To Make Assessment And Know About Myself Which We Never Do Actually. Definitely Would Like To Recommend Her Guidance To More Such People Who Need This. Thank You


I Have Got My Handwriting Analysis Done By Mrs.Rekha Mam And Was Curious About The Report She Would Give. It Was Almost 85% Correct Prediction About My Character And Work Style And My Strengths And Areas To Improve. I Was Advised And Guided How To Correct The Areas Of Improvement And Trying To Follow The Guidance. I Felt Really Good After Talking To Her. I Would Definitely Refer To More Such People Who Need Some Therapy. Thank You Rekha Mam For All The Time And Efforts


I Have Got Handwriting Analysis Done By Rekha K And I Was So Excited To Hear The Report That She Would Give Me. Within Few Days She Called Me And Detailed My Strengths, Areas To Improve, The Way How I Connecting With People. Her Predictions After Analysing My Handwriting Was Almost 85% Correct. She Also Guided Me Concentrate On Certain Letters While Writing. I Felt Really Good After Talking To Her.

Soumya Praveen

Hi. My Name Is Rekha K .

I Am Rekha, Teacher And Professional Handwriting Analyst. I Happened To Hear About Handwriting Analysis And Was So Curious To Know More About It, Got A Chance To Join The Course And I Was Surprised To Know The Handwriting Can Reveal So Traits Of A Person.

At The Beginning I Was Not Sure Does It Work Really, In Spite Of That I Started Practicing Grapho-Therapy And Later Felt That Some Changes Were Happening Within. I Was Basically Having An Imbalance Of Emotions; Getting Irritated, Angry, Frustrated And Stressed By Practicing Grapho-Therapy There Was A Change In The Imbalance Of My Emotions, And I Used To Remain Much Calm, Relaxed.

So Now I Would Like To Serve As Many People As I Can And Help Them To Maintain A Balance In Areas Of Life Health, Relationship, Career.

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