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Reeta Malhotra

M.S in Psychotherapy & Counseling, NLP Practitioner, Certified Handwriting & Signature Analyst, Grapho Analytical Therapist.

I am on a mission to help people transform themselves and find their wings through Counselling and Graphotherapy. I intend teaching everyone,” Change your thoughts, change your life “
My mission is to touch thousands of lives with the Power of Grapho -Therapy. My mission is to spread the love for writing under the Flagship of International Council of Graphology. I wish to remain in the hearts of people even after I leave this Planet.

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110/100, yes that’s the score. You must be wondering what is this score and how is even possible? Let me tell you this is the score which I would like to give to Reeta Malhotra ma’am for the writing analysis which she did a couple of days ago. When I submitted my writing for the analysis, she asked me if I have pain in my ankles, the answer for which was no but 2 weeks later the pain started and I could relate it to the prediction. When she started explaining me about my qualities, my areas of improvement I just couldn’t believe it as it was so spot on, the way an astrologer tells you about your present, past and future, she also predicted the things which were so accurate. This not only surprised me but also has made me curious about this subject in terms of learning. Thank you for the analysis and motivational counseling and wish the knowledge will benefit more and more people. Thank you once again.

Harsada Suryavanshi

I was surprised that handwriting can also speak.
I don’t know that handwriting can also have communication power, I came to know a lot of real about myself because of #Reeta Malhotra, she has a good & proper skill to know what we hide in ourself by analyzing my handwriting. Handwriting analysis all the points was accurate about me. I will give 96 out of 100 for overall analysis.

Krishna Dubey, Mumbai

I would give 96/100 to Reeta Malhotra ji for doing my Handwriting Analysis. I am excited to begin Grapho Therapy Journey with her. Her Analysis and readings were accurate. I was able to relate each and every point. Her readings have compelled me to make this change in my life. I’m excited to embark on this journey under her Guidance.

Pragati Mahendru, Glasgow (Scotland)

Hi. My Name Is Reeta Malhotra

I, Reeta S Malhotra started my career as a Psychotherapist. Then leant NLP., Access Bars, Pranic Healing and Graphology.

In the last 6 months I saw a sea change in myself. I learnt and practiced Grapho Therapy.
I felt a shift in my body pain and self-esteem.

Then I learnt more, I practiced more and now I can see a direction in my life and career. I can help people join the dots in their chaotic life just by dotting the I and stemming the T properly. I can help make their signature look like an Autograph for them.

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